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Paternity Testing in Birmingham

Local DNA Paternity Testing Services

Whether you need DNA testing for assurance or legal reasons, it’s the best option to establish paternity. You can count on Fastest Labs of South Birmingham for rapid, accurate results at industry-leading rates. We understand the sensitivity of the situation and how vital legal paternity test results are. This is why we ensure accuracy at every stage of the process to give you complete peace of mind.

With our Birmingham paternity testing services, we offer the option of court-admissible results or a non-legal, less expensive DNA test for your personal use. At Fastest Labs®, you won’t have to worry about your results’ accuracy as confidentiality and sanitary facilities are our top priorities.

We offer DNA testing for individuals, courts, and immigration. Regardless of your unique needs, Fastest Labs is your trusted provider for reliable, respectful, and fast DNA paternity results.

When you’re looking for paternity testing near you, count on our team! Learn more about our testing services by calling (205) 576-7752.

What Is a Paternity Test?

A paternity test is a type of DNA test used to determine a child’s biological parent. The non-invasive test involves collecting samples from the child and the potential parent for evaluation. This analysis accurately determines if the two are genetically related. Every person has a unique genetic makeup that is coded directly into their DNA. During conception, genes are passed down from both parents. DNA paternity testing allows our team to collect, assess, and identify whether two individuals share a similar DNA sequence, which tells us if they are related or not.

How Do I Find Paternity Testing Near Me?

Paternity testing is a very delicate process that can take some research to find the right company to perform the procedure.

Some criteria for locating a reputable testing company include:

  • Affordable prices
  • Accurate results
  • Sanitary facilities
  • Confidentiality
  • Friendly and professional staff

Fortunately, our team at Fastest Labs of South Birmingham possess these qualities and more. We can provide you with paternity testing and results you can rely on.

Our facilities are disinfected and receive consistent cleanings to reduce the risk of contamination and ensure accurate samples. Additionally, our staff members and sample collectors are committed to delivering confidential and skilled testing services.

How Does Fastest Labs Complete Paternity Tests?

Our Birmingham paternity testing services are relatively simple and non-invasive, requiring minimal involvement from the parties being tested. Generally, the entire procedure takes just minutes to complete, and the results are typically available within 2-3 days.

Paternity tests typically go as follows:

  • The two individuals being tested come into our clean, comfortable facilities for the test.
  • One of our certified collectors will conduct a buccal swab inside the test subjects’ cheeks.
  • Both samples will be analyzed in our lab for repeating DNA sequences.
  • Once results are available, they will be provided to the relevant parties as soon as possible.

At Fastest Labs, we are committed to providing the highest quality testing services and ensuring that all of our samples are uncontaminated and test results remain confidential. We guarantee that no unauthorized parties will be granted access to your paternity test results. To ensure accuracy, we adhere to strict industry standards and follow proper protocols. As well as this, our paternity DNA procedure complies with all legal requirements, making it suitable for court-ordered testing.

How Does A Paternity Test Work?

The most common method used for paternity testing is DNA testing, which compares the genetic information of the child and the alleged father to assess their biological relationship. Here's how a typical paternity test works:

  1. Sample Collection: The first step in a paternity test is the collection of DNA samples from the child, alleged father, and, if available, the mother. The samples are typically collected using non-invasive methods, such as buccal (cheek) swabs. Buccal swabs involve gently swabbing the inside of the cheek to collect cells containing DNA. This method is painless and does not require any blood samples.

  2. DNA Analysis: Once the DNA samples are collected, they are sent to a laboratory for analysis. In the lab, the DNA is extracted from the collected samples. The DNA contains unique genetic markers that are inherited from both parents, making it possible to compare the genetic profiles of the child and alleged father.

  3. Genetic Comparison: The laboratory technicians analyze specific regions of the DNA, known as genetic markers or genetic loci. These markers have different variations (alleles) that are inherited from parents. By comparing the child's alleles with those of the alleged father, the lab determines the probability of paternity.

  4. Statistical Analysis: The DNA testing laboratory uses advanced statistical methods to calculate the probability of paternity based on the genetic data. The analysis takes into account the frequency of different alleles in the population, and the likelihood of a random individual having the same genetic markers.

  5. Results: The laboratory generates a comprehensive paternity report that includes the probability of paternity. A probability of 99% or higher is typically considered conclusive proof of paternity, while a probability below 99% indicates that the alleged father is not the biological father of the child. The report is confidential and shared only with the individuals involved in the test.

It's important to note that the accuracy of paternity tests using DNA analysis is extremely high, with results typically exceeding 99% accuracy. DNA testing is considered the most reliable method for determining paternity, providing definitive results in most cases.

When Should I Schedule Testing?

Peace of mind is just one reason someone would want a paternity test. At Fastest Labs of South Birmingham, we will make sure to provide you with the professionalism and respect you deserve, regardless of why you need to establish paternity.

Some of the most common reasons we conduct paternity tests include:

  • Confirmation of fatherhood
  • Proving right to child support
  • Asserting the right to custody/visitation
  • Claiming government/military benefits on behalf of the child
  • Asserting right to inherit
  • Legal parenthood disputes
  • Personal reasons

In addition to paternity testing, we can assist you with various DNA testing needs, including immigration testing, infidelity testing, ancestry testing, and more.

For more information about our paternity testing services in Birmingham, call us at (205) 576-7752 or request an appointment online today!

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