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Federal DOT Protocol Training

Meeting Strict Nationwide Standards

The Department of Transportation (DOT) requires certain employers to conduct regular drug and alcohol testing for safety-sensitive employees. If your business or agency falls under one of the six safety-sensitive areas outlined by DOT, including FMCSA, FAA, FRA, PHMSA, FTA, and USCG, or your employees are required to carry commercial driver’s licenses, it’s important that you remain DOT-compliant. A key factor in DOT compliance is adhering to the proper protocols and necessary procedures to ensure that all drug and alcohol testing meets DOT’s strict standards.

At FastestLabs®, we are proud to offer comprehensive federal DOT protocol training for employers. With more than 10 years of experience in the industry, our team can help you instate the proper testing protocols, follow-up procedures, and test result reporting process to ensure that your business remains DOT compliant. Our certified federal DOT testing services offer some of the fastest results in the industry at some of the most affordable rates.

DOT Designated Employer Representative Training Services We Offer

Ensuring that all federal DOT drug and alcohol tests are conducted in the proper manner and that all test results are correctly reported is important to the continued operation of your business.

With our comprehensive federal DOT DER training, we can assist you with all of the following and more:

  • Role of the DER in the substance testing process
  • Program administration
  • Overview of the testing process
  • Problems in testing
  • Relationships between the DER and other personnel involved in testing (TPAs, MROs, SAPs, BATs, Laboratories and Collectors)
  • Federal rules and regulations covered in 49CFR Part 40
  • Specific transportation mode regulations
  • Procedures for handling positive test results and their consequences
  • Procedures for reporting test results
  • Record keeping and retention

We are proud to provide fast, accurate federal DOT drug and alcohol tests, as well as complete DOT DER training for employers and supervisors. Our friendly, professional team can assist you with everything you may need to ensure that your business remains DOT-compliant, from the creation and implementation of a drug and alcohol testing program to DOT protocol training to conducting the actual tests themselves.

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