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Court-Admissible Testing Services

Drug, Alcohol & DNA Tests for a Wide Range of Legal Matters

Accurate drug, alcohol, and DNA testing is crucial in many legal proceedings. Determining if drugs or alcohol played a role in an accident or other legal matter can alter the outcome of a trial, while DNA forensic testing is one of the most reliable ways to prove the innocence or guilt of a criminal suspect. In order for the results of a drug, alcohol, or DNA test to be court-admissible, however, the testing facility and staff must meet strict standards.

At FastestLabs®, we are fully compliant with legal regulations. Our certified collectors receive rigorous training and follow strict sample collection and analyzation protocols. We regularly help legal professionals, attorneys, judges, and individuals in need of court-admissible drug, alcohol, and DNA testing services—find out how Fastest Labs can help you!

Types of Court-Admissible Tests We Offer

There is a wide number of reasons you may wish to have a court-admissible test carried out. A DNA test can be of great assistance during criminal proceedings or can be used to prove parenthood during a child custody battle. Drug and alcohol tests can prove instrumental in post-accident and other related legal matters. At Fastest Labs, we offer a complete range of court-admissible testing services designed to suit your particular needs.

We offer the following types of court-admissible tests:

Whether you need to test for very recent alcohol consumption, ongoing drug use in the past few months, determine or verify paternity, or need to create a DNA profile for a criminal suspect, Fastest Labs is here to help. We customize all of our court-admissible testing services to meet your exact needs and we always strive to provide the fastest, most accurate, and most affordable test results.

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