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After-Hours Testing Services

Emergency & Post-Accident Drug & Alcohol Testing

When an accident occurs and you need to determine if drugs or alcohol were partially to blame, timing is of the essence. At FastestLabs®, we offer emergency and after-hours drug and alcohol testing to accommodate employers, legal professionals, and others who need immediate testing services—and instant results. We understand the sensitive nature of these issues, which is why all of our testing services are completely confidential and the privacy of our clients is always honored. Our phone lines are open 24/7 to assist you, even if you simply need to schedule regular testing during non-business hours.

Types of After-Hours Testing Services We Provide

While we do our best to always offer same-day appointments and test results within minutes during normal business hours, we understand that sometimes you need testing services at odd hours. This is especially true in instances when you need to screen for very recent alcohol consumption or drug usage. If you wait too long, it can become difficult or even impossible to determine if an individual ingested drugs or alcohol. When you need to determine how an accident occurred, or whether or not drugs/alcohol led to an incident, this is crucial.

After Hours Phone Support & Testing 24hrs a day 7 days a week*

*For appointment scheduling, after hour in-lab testing services (additional convenience fees apply), emergency post accident testing and more where available from participating stores.

We offer emergency, after-hours drug and alcohol testing for an array of reasons, including:

If you have another reason for after-hours testing not listed above, we’re happy to do everything we can to accommodate you. Our friendly and professional staff is able to answer your questions and address your concerns. We often offer same-day appointments and fast, accurate, confidential results. Our drug and alcohol test results are also court-admissible, meaning they stand up to even the strictest legal scrutiny. We are able to test for a range of substances, including alcohol, marijuana, opiates, methamphetamine, cocaine, ecstasy, heroin, and more. Our testing procedures are non-invasive, quick, and simple, and most results are available instantly.

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