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Maintain a Drug-Free Workplace!

Want to ensure that your workplace remains drug or alcohol-free? FastestLabs® provides a variety of employer testing services designed to help do just that! Whether you need pre-employment screening services, random drug testing, or for-cause drug and alcohol testing, you can rely on us for fast, accurate results at affordable prices.

Our lab facilities are some of the cleanest around, and we rely on highly-efficient processes that provide completely reliable results. We proudly offer same-day and walk-in appointments, and most test results are available in as little as five minutes. We can even help you create and implement an ongoing drug/alcohol testing program for your employees.

Testing Services We Offer for Employers

Keeping your workplace drug-free is important for the safety of your workers and others around them. It can also protect you from liability in the event of an accident. Having a testing program in place can be an effective way to ensure that your workplace remains drug/alcohol-free. At Fastest Labs, we offer a comprehensive range of employer testing services designed to help you maintain a safe workplace at every stage.

Some of our most popular testing services for employers include:

We offer a range of highly-accurate testing methods, including hair, urine, fingernail, and breath tests. In most instances, we are able to provide the results of a test within minutes, allowing you the ability to quickly and confidently receive the information you need about your employees. Not only can you count on the accuracy of your test results, you can also count on our always-affordable rates and convenient mobile testing options.

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