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On-Site Testing Services for Employers

Convenient Testing You Can Trust

At FastestLabs®, we understand that it isn't always practical to send your employees across town for testing, especially when it comes to large-scale drug and alcohol testing programs. With this in mind, we're proud to offer the same state-of-the-art, clean, comfortable atmosphere as our permanent lab with our mobile, on-site testing services. With our on-site services, you get the benefit of convenience, plus all the advantages of choosing Fastest Labs, including some of the quickest, most reliable test results in the industry at the most affordable price.

Our mobile team is as thoroughly trained as certified professional collectors, offering a superior level of professionalism and friendliness that you can count on. With our mobile testing services, your employees will be able to meet strict drug and alcohol testing standards from the convenience of your workplace. Instead of having your employees take time off to drive to our testing facilities, let Fastest Labs come to you!

Why Choose Mobile, On-Site Testing?

When it comes time to conduct employer testing services, including drug and alcohol testing, pre-employment screening, background checks, and more, there are many advantages to choosing mobile testing services.

In addition to being highly convenient for you, the employer, and your employees, on-site testing offers the following benefits:

  • Less downtime caused by on-the-job testing
  • Multiple drug/alcohol testing options available
  • Trademark customer service
  • Professionally trained on-site staff
  • Quick, accurate test results
  • DOT-compliant testing services
  • Highly sanitary, contamination-free services

With on-site testing, our Fastest Labs collectors will set up a mobile lab in your employee bathroom. There, they will be able to collect samples for urinalysis, saliva testing, hair testing, breathalyzer tests, and more. All samples are analyzed quickly and, in most cases, results are available within minutes.

Customized Drug & Alcohol Testing at Your Place of Work

We offer a wide range of drug and alcohol testing methods because we want to make sure we meet your exact needs. Whether you require DOT-mandated post-accident testing, long-term drug use testing as part of your hiring process, or ongoing random testing services, our mobile, on-site testing for employers makes the process easy. Our team adheres to strict industry standards and protocols designed to ensure the utmost accuracy. No matter your unique employer drug and alcohol testing needs, our friendly and professional staff can help you find and implement the perfect solution.

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