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Fingernail & Toenail Drug Testing

Accurate Screening at Affordable Rates

Fingernail or toenail drug testing offers a reliable, non-invasive way to screen for drug use even months after usage has occurred. This method of drug testing offers an ideal way to determine if drugs have been used or abused at any time over the past 6 - 8 months. FastestLabs® proudly offers the quickest, most accurate nail drug testing at the most affordable prices. Our clean, comfortable facilities offer a welcoming environment and our friendly, certified collectors will provide you with prompt, professional service. Best of all, you'll have the results of your test in record time!

Should You Choose Fingernail Drug Testing?

When drugs are metabolized within a person's body, they continue to travel through the individual's bloodstream. Traces of the drugs are left behind in the body and can be detected in fingernails and toenails. Due to the relatively slow speed at which fingernails and toenails grow, it's possible to detect these traces for months afterward. This makes nail drug testing an ideal option for those wishing to screen for drug usage at any point in the past eight or so months.

Finger and toenail drug testing is a beneficial option for many, including:

  • Employers wishing to screen potential new employees before hiring
  • Businesses, companies, and schools that have a zero-tolerance drug use policy
  • Individuals who are not able to provide a hair sample for drug testing
  • Those in need of court-ordered and court-admissible results
  • Individuals in need of private drug testing for personal reasons

When paired with a urinalysis test, or a hair test, nail drug testing can provide a comprehensive view of a person's drug use history. Currently, there are no known adulterants, or ways to "cheat" this method of drug screening. At Fastest Labs, you can trust that your results are certified and accurate, every time.

How the Process Works

Nail drug testing is a quick, straightforward procedure. Our certified collectors will take clippings from each of the test subject's fingernails or toenails. With every test, we take great care in regards to your confidentiality and the accuracy of your results. The results of your nail drug test are available quickly and we always offer the lowest pricing possible.

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