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Lifestyle DNA Testing to Unlock a Healthier “You”

Our In-Home DNA Testing Kits Will Reveal More than You Ever Thought Possible

Maybe you’ve wondered about your body’s food sensitivities, pet allergies, how to improve the luster of your skin, or even how to lose weight. Fastest Labs has the answer. We offer HomeDNA™ kits to analyze and report genetic markers related to these questions you have, and results are available in less than 3 weeks, viewable through a secure online account.

Explore Your Weight Loss Opportunities

Maybe you’re wondering if your ability to lose weight is outside the normal range. The genes tested in this section gauge your ability to lose weight from regular diet and exercise, and provide insights for you how you might tweak your approach to optimize fat-loss results. Our analysis investigates which genotype of the 6 genes associated with weight loss. Our analysis will find which genotype(s) are hindering your weight loss ability, so you can modify your approach to healthy weight loss. You will also receive personalized recommendations for best foods to eat, nutrient needs and effective supplements, as well as best exercises to achieve your healthiest weight.

Use HomeDNA™ to Determine Any of Your Food or Pet Sensitivities

Did you know you can unlock a healthier “you” through analysis of your own genetics? HomeDNA™ is a science-based DNA test you can do at home by simply collecting your DNA utilizing easy-to-use cheek swabs. The samples are then mailed to the lab, and within a few short weeks, your results will be ready to view in a secure online account.

The HomeDNA™ test revealing how your genes may make you more sensitive to common irritants found in these 8 areas:

  • Gluten
  • Peanut
  • Lactose
  • Cow milk protein
  • Histamine
  • Egg
  • Pet dander

Live a more comfortable life by making targeted changes in the way you eat, so you can live a happier, healthier life. Our test details also include suggestions for lifestyle and supplement changes, providing clear instruction for how to manage any of your food or pet sensitivities.

Improve Your Skin Care Through a HomeDNA™ Analysis and Report

HomeDNA™ Skin Care analyzes your DNA and reports those related to skin performance. Today, you can decipher the genetic profile for your individual skin’s makeup and make better informed decisions about treatment. They days of guesswork regarding which skincare regimen would be best for you are over.

The details of the report include:

  • Collagen quality
  • Skin elasticity
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Sun protection
  • Pigmentation
  • Skin antioxidants
  • Skin sensitivity

Why Test with Fastest Labs?

Our modern DNA tests are conducted quickly, easily, and painlessly, through a simple cheek swab to collect a DNA sample. Our results are fast, reliable, and samples are handled by our skilled lab technicians with the utmost care to ensure 100% accuracy. All DNA tests are conducted with complete privacy, so you can rest assured prying eyes won’t see your results.

You can rely on our DNA tests for friendly service and accurate results, at the best prices on the market!

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