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Our Testing Services For Employers

Testing Services for Employers

Results You Can Trust

FastestLabs® is proud to offer top-quality testing services for employers. We strive to help business owners, managers, government entities, and other professional clients maintain a safe, drug-free workplace for their employees and customers. We offer comprehensive drug and alcohol testing services for employers, including DOT-compliant drug and alcohol tests. No matter your unique needs, we offer skilled, flexible services designed to fit your schedule and your budget. We can even help you create and implement an ongoing drug testing program, provide random name generation services, and conduct for-cause testing. We provide mobile, on-site testing for your convenience, as well as numerous testing options and fast, accurate results.

Common Types of Background Checks for Employees


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Fastest Labs has partnered with Crimcheck

Crimcheck and Fastest Labs have partnered to help protect your employees, customers, assets, and brand with Crimcheck’s comprehensive, accurate, and compliant employment background screening solutions.

Crimcheck is Accredited by the Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA), an HRO Today Customer Satisfaction Award Winner, an NMSDC-certified minority owned business, and an Inc. 5000 company. Customers choose Crimcheck for our:

  • U.S. based, dedicated account support
  • Easy to use, mobile-friendly proprietary platform
  • Fast report turnaround of 85% within 24 hours
  • Legal compliance is automated within our platform

Crimcheck’s solutions will improve your team’s efficiency, enhance your candidate experience, and accelerate your time to hire. And, our award-winning customer service will help you every step of the way. Relax. We’ve got your back(grounds).®

Fastest Labs has partnered with Universal Background Screening. 
Universal is a founding member and accredited by the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS). They have also been recognized seven years in a row by Workforce Management Magazine and they have been ranked seven years in a row for Customer Satisfaction by HRO Today magazine.

Universal Background Screening logo

An important part of any hiring process is the background check. A comprehensive background check can help you ensure that the person you're hiring is reliable and won't jeopardize the safety of your workplace. At Fastest Labs, we understand how important this process is. We offer a full range of background checks, as well as quick, accurate results you can trust.

We offer the following types of background checks and more:

  • Alias names
  • Social Security number verification
  • Sex offender database search
  • State criminal records check
  • Federal criminal records check
  • County criminal records check
  • Terrorist watch list check
  • Motor vehicle report

Our pre-employment screenings and background checks are ideal for businesses, government entities, landlords/housing managers, volunteer organizations, and more for all legal and ethical purposes.

Other Employer Services We Provide

In addition to background tests, Fastest Labs offers a full range of employer services. We can assist you with ongoing random drug testing, post-accident breathalyzer tests, DOT-compliant drug and alcohol screening, audit preparation, and more. Our certified collectors are highly-trained in multiple different types of testing methods, including breath alcohol tests, urinalysis, saliva tests, fingernail tests, hair tests, and skin/sweat patch tests.

In every instance, we strive to provide the fastest, most accurate results at the best rates in the industry. All of our employer testing services are completely confidential and we take great care in regards to sample isolation, sanitation, and preventing contamination in order to ensure the accuracy of your test results.

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