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Pre-Employment Screening

Helping You Make the Right Hiring Choice

When it comes to hiring new employees, you want to make sure the person you're hiring is the right choice for your business. The first step in any hiring process is obtaining a full picture of the individual's background via his or her resume, application, and, of course, a background check. A background check can help you ensure that the information supplied by the potential candidate is accurate and correct, as well as alert you to any possible issues such as a criminal record or history of drug use.

At FastestLabs®, we offer comprehensive pre-employment screening services designed to help employers make the right choice when hiring new employees. From drug and alcohol testing to background checks, we can handle every step of the pre-employment screening process. Our Fastest Labs team will quickly and carefully handle your testing services, offering fast, accurate results that you can trust.

The Pre-Employment Screening Process

At Fastest Labs, we strive to make the pre-employment screening process for employers by taking care of every aspect involved. Work to help you prevent costly hiring mistakes, save time, and reduce the stress of selecting the perfect candidate. We’ll help you make sure potential candidates meet all your essential qualifications before you make any hiring decisions.

What is involved in the pre-employment screening process?

  • Pre-employment drug/alcohol testing
  • Employee drug/alcohol testing
  • On-site testing options for employers
  • Employment verification
  • Background checks
  • Criminal record checks


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Fastest Labs has partnered with Crimcheck

Crimcheck and Fastest Labs have partnered to help protect your employees, customers, assets, and brand with Crimcheck’s comprehensive, accurate, and compliant employment background screening solutions.

Crimcheck is Accredited by the Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA), an HRO Today Customer Satisfaction Award Winner, an NMSDC-certified minority owned business, and an Inc. 5000 company. Customers choose Crimcheck for our:

  • U.S. based, dedicated account support

  • Easy to use, mobile-friendly proprietary platform

  • Fast report turnaround of 85% within 24 hours

  • Legal compliance is automated within our platform

Crimcheck’s solutions will improve your team’s efficiency, enhance your candidate experience, and accelerate your time to hire. And, our award-winning customer service will help you every step of the way. Relax. We’ve got your back(grounds).®

Fastest Labs has partnered with Universal Background Screening.
Universal is a founding member and accredited by the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS). They have also been recognized seven years in a row by Workforce Management Magazine and they have been ranked seven years in a row for Customer Satisfaction by HRO Today magazine.

Universal Background Screening logo

Our pre-employment screening services are convenient for you and comfortable for your employees, and the results of our testing services are always confidential. No matter your pre-employment screening needs, we take great care to ensure the fastest, most accurate results at the best prices in the industry.

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