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Random Testing for Employees

Maintaining a Drug/Alcohol-Free Workplace

Maintaining a drug and alcohol-free workplace is not only important for personal reasons, it is also often a matter of legality. Federal laws often mandate that employers conduct random drug testing, especially for businesses or entities that fall under the transportation umbrella. However, creating and implementing a random drug testing program can be a complicated, time-consuming project that takes you away from your many other day-to-day operations and management duties.

If you need to carry out random drug and/or alcohol testing for your employees but aren't sure how or where to begin, FastestLabs® can help. We offer random testing services in a safe, confidential, and unbiased way. We utilize a scientific random generation software that handles the responsibility of selecting names so you don't have to, and all our testing services are certified and DOT-compliant. Whether you need random drug testing, random alcohol testing, or both, our team can help you maintain a safe, drug/alcohol-free environment.

Random Drug & Alcohol Tests We Provide

At Fastest Labs, we offer a full range of secure, reliable testing services. We can provide just about any random drug or alcohol test you need, including tests that stand up to strict Department of Transportation (DOT) standards.

Some of our most common random drug and alcohol testing services include:

Random drug and alcohol testing is required for employees in safety-sensitive jobs, including commercial transportation. This includes volunteers, managers, private contractors, pilots, commercial truck drivers, for-hire carriers, and many others. Fastest Labs can help you ensure that your employees comply with federal regulations with reliable random drug and alcohol testing services.

Professional Services & Accurate Results

Whether you are required to conduct random testing for your employees in order to remain DOT compliant or meet legal regulations, or you are a private employer who simply wishes to maintain a drug and/or alcohol-free workplace, Fastest Labs can assist you with some of the fastest, most reliable testing services in the industry. We even offer mobile, on-site drug and alcohol testing for greater convenience. Our certified collectors work to meet the strictest standards of sample isolation and protection, and our labs are some of the cleanest in the area. In most cases, we are able to provide nearly instant results so you can take the necessary next steps right away.

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