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Why Fastest Labs?

When You Need Testing Services, Trust Our Team

There are many reasons that individuals, parents, coaches, employers, and legal professionals may wish to conduct a drug, alcohol, or DNA test. Whether you are verifying the paternity of a child, testing an athlete on your sports team for steroid use, assisting a relative in the U.S. immigration process, or even seeking forensic DNA testing for a legal proceeding, the proper drug, alcohol, or DNA testing can make all the difference. No matter the reason you need testing services, FastestLabs® can help you find the perfect solution.

Our complete range of testing services can detect short and long-term drug use, recent or previous alcohol consumption, and similarities in DNA that can indicate a direct or indirect familial relationship. We can even help you construct a DNA profile when an individual is uncooperative. And, with all our tests, we work hard to ensure the fastest wait times, quickest results, and unparalleled accuracy you need.

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Experience the Fastest Labs Difference

At Fastest Labs, we make it our mission to provide our clients with superior service and unmatched customer care. Unlike other testing companies that can sometimes take weeks or months to get you the results of your test, our team works to get you the fastest results possible. In most instances, the results of your DNA, drug, or alcohol test are available immediately.

What else sets Fastest Labs apart?

  • Comprehensive drug, alcohol, and DNA testing services
  • DOT-certified drug and alcohol testing for employers
  • Highly-trained and certified Fastest Labs collectors
  • Superior sample isolation and secure chain of custody
  • Court-admissible results for a wide variety of tests
  • Comfortable sample collection facilities and clean labs
  • Mobile, on-site testing options available
  • Affordable pricing for all types of testing services

Our labs are ISTA certified, and our company has been recognized by numerous national organizations and publications, including Entrepreneur Magazine, Franchise Business Review, the IFA International Franchise Association, South and North San Antonio Chamber of Commerce, and more. We are compliant with Department of Transportation regulations, military testing standards, and the American Association of Blood Banks for immigration testing.

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Designing & Implementing a Custom Testing Program

In addition to our individual testing services, our Fastest Labs team can help you create drug and alcohol testing policies for your business, sports team, or other organization. We regularly help our clients build effective testing programs, providing the necessary training, materials, and ongoing program management required for a successful drug and alcohol testing policy. Throughout the process, we will work with you to assess your unique needs and address your specific goals, working together to create a customized plan that's tailored to you.

The Fastest Labs Mission Our lab techs always show a professional willingness to serve everyone in such a manner that they feel that they have just experienced exceptional and meaningful care.

The Fastest Labs X-Factor

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What Makes Fastest Labs Different?

Cleanest labs & drug testing facilities
Accurate results, usually within 24 hrs
Highest service ratings in the industry
Affordable, competitive prices