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For-Cause Drug & Alcohol Testing

Testing Services for Employers

For-cause testing describes the ability of employers to test their employees for drug and alcohol use at will. In general, employers can carry out for-cause drug and/or alcohol testing when they have reason to suspect an employee may be using drugs or alcohol illegally. FastestLabs® can handle all of your employer testing needs, including for-cause drug and alcohol testing.

We even provide mobile, on-site testing for greater convenience with the same level of accuracy and professionalism as our lab facilities. Most of all, we strive to make your for-cause testing services as affordable as possible and will meet or beat any competitor's price.

Types of For-Cause Testing Services We Offer

If you have reasonable cause to suspect that one of your employees is using illegal substances, or consuming alcohol or drugs in a manner that is not allowed by your business, you can conduct for-cause testing. At Fastest Labs, we can help you take the necessary steps to ensure that the results of your for-cause testing are reliable and accurate.

We routinely assist clients with many different types of for-cause testing services, including:

Depending on your unique needs, we can help you conduct the right type of for-cause drug or alcohol testing, as well as create and implement ongoing drug/alcohol testing programs for your employees. Our certified collectors can ensure that your business remains DOT compliant and meets all required state, local, and federal testing regulations.

Turn to Fastest Labs for Results You Can Trust

If you have reason to suspect an employee is using/misusing drugs or alcohol, you want to make sure that the results of a for-cause test are completely accurate. The results of a test will determine the next steps you need to take as an employer, and can have lasting effects in regards to your business, your liability, and the future of your employee. At Fastest Labs, we are committed to providing highly accurate for-cause test results in record time. We do this by adhering to strict standards for sample isolation, as well as industry-leading sanitation protocols and contamination prevention practices. We offer top-quality customer service and the most affordable prices around.

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