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Reliable Drug Screening & DNA Testing in Birmingham, AL

Top-Rated Drug and DNA Testing Services in Birmingham

Fastest Labs of South Birmingham makes it simple for anyone to get quality drug testing in Birmingham, AL. We offer a professional lab at affordable prices. Our services are offered to test for the presence of drugs and alcohol.

DNA tests can also be completed to determine paternity, identify genetic traits, and more. Of course, as the name implies, FastestLabs® also means being quick. All without compromising on accuracy and reliability.

Looking for drug testing services in Birmingham? Reach out online or call us at (205) 576-7752 to learn today!

Professional Drug & DNA Testing Services in South Birmingham

No matter what drug or DNA testing service you order from our Birmingham testing lab, we promise to use noninvasive testing methods when possible and the utmost confidentiality when handling the results.

When it comes to accuracy, speed, and security, Fastest Labs embodies them all. Read our customer testimonials to hear more about our testing services!

Employer Drug Testing Solutions in Birmingham

Fastest Labs of South Birmingham is a drug testing lab for employers. For years, we’ve specialized in collaborating with employers and local companies. We've worked to create personalized drug-testing packages that screen for every substance.

Comprehensive DNA Testing Services in Birmingham

At our medical lab, we perform several types of DNA tests. These include paternity testing to determine the biological father of a child, forensic testing to identify individuals from crime scenes and ancestry tracing to trace family history. Additionally, genetic screening is often used for diagnosing inherited diseases or conditions such as cystic fibrosis or Huntington's disease. All these tests provide important information about an individual’s health and help doctors make informed decisions about treatment options for their patients.

Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity Testing in Birmingham

Prenatal paternity testing is a DNA test performed during pregnancy to determine the biological father of an unborn child. This type of test can be done as early as 9 weeks into the pregnancy. The test works by analyzing the DNA of the mother, father, and unborn child.

Our Birmingham Lab's Testing Services for Individuals and Businesses

  • Random or scheduled employee drug testing
  • Teen Drug Screening Services for Parents
  • Athlete Drug Testing for Performance-Enhancing Drugs
  • DNA Testing for Legal and Personal Matters
  • Paternity Testing: Establishing Parental Relationships
  • Genetic Ancestry and Research Testing

Drug and DNA Testing FAQs in Birmingham

Do You Offer DOT Testing?

Yes! Fastest Labs of South Birmingham offers certified DOT testing services. We adhere to the strict standards set forth by FMCSA and our staff is trained in proper testing procedures and techniques.

How Long Will it Take to Get My Results?

Clients can expect their testing results and reports to be ready in 24 hours or less.

Are DNA Tests Expensive?

Your lab test shouldn’t break the bank. We promise to offer affordable rates, plus a number of online discounts and special promotions.

Are DNA Tests Court Admissible?

Not all DNA tests are court admissible. We offer a DNA option that is admissible and will hold up in courts.

What Causes an Inconclusive Drug Test?

An inconclusive drug test means that the lab does not know if the result is negative or positive. Common causes of inconclusive drug tests include having a diluted sample (e.g., a sample mixed with water, drinking too much liquid before the test), improper testing, or improper storage of samples.

What Is A Paternity Test?

Paternity testing is a procedure used to determine the father of a child. It involves collecting DNA samples from both the alleged father and the child and comparing them for genetic similarities. The results are typically presented in court as evidence for legal proceedings or simply given directly to any involved parties. Paternity tests can be performed at any stage, including before the child is born, or even after the child has already been born. This helps to establish legal rights and responsibilities for all parties involved in the case. Paternity tests are typically used as genetic evidence in cases of child support, adoption, and disputes over family relationships. A paternity test can also be useful for determining inheritance rights or establishing a biological connection between the father and child.

Fastest Labs of South Birmingham is your source for convenient DNA and drug testing in Birmingham, AL. Call (205) 576-7752 today for testing or visit our video center to see our technology and tour our labs

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Reliable, Easy Birmingham Lab Testing Services

At Fastest Labs of South Birmingham, we know everyone who schedules our lab services does so for a unique reason. That’s why our team offers customizable testing based on what you need done. Personally tailoring your test helps us get results that are even quicker and more accurate!

We are an approved Southern Company Drug and Alcohol Testing facility!

Dial (205) 576-7752 to learn more about our drug and DNA testing services in Birmingham or to put one on your schedule.

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