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Louisville Drug Testing

Accurate, Affordable Drug Testing Near Louisville

Regardless of the reason—and there are many viable reasons—to drug test, Fastest Labs of East Louisville strives to be fast and budget-friendly. We also aim for reliability, even in the short amount of time it takes to draw results. Whether drug, alcohol, DNA or DOT testing, we’re able to see you within minutes and have the results in a day or two.

Schedule an appointment today or give us a call at (502) 717-1889 to learn more about our comprehensive testing services.

Drug Test FAQs

What Types of Drug Tests Do You Offer?

Fastest Labs of East Louisville offers many different methods to testing, none of which are necessarily better than the other.

  • Urine – The most common type of drug testing, especially for employers, due to the test’s ability to detect drug usage within 10 days. Fastest Labs of East Louisville offers urine drug testing near you.
  • Hair – For longer-term use than urine, our hair drug testing can detect drugs for at least 90 days.
  • Saliva – The fastest method for drug test due to the traces remaining in saliva after ingesting a drug up to 24 hours.
  • Nail – Due to a nail’s slow growth, this test can detect drug use for up to 8 months.
  • Sweat/Skin – A different approach to drug testing, where we use a patch to monitor results on the skin over a few days.

You can find more information regarding each type of drug testing on our website or by visiting the service pages listed above. Whatever your preferred method, all of our tests are secure and someone from Fastest Labs of East Louisville is always present to avoid tampering.

What Is Chain of Custody in Drug Testing SERVICES?

Chain of custody drug test procedures are designed to ensure there is no contamination or tampering with a drug test. In a chain of custody, every person who handles a drug test must document their participation. Our chain of custody drug testing adheres to the strictest standards and provides accurate result. The process involves many steps to ensure the integrity of the test results—starting with the collector sealing the specimen in the presence of the donor.

If your agency, institution or business would like to set up a program on site, we may also be able to send a collector to provide on-site drug screening at your location.

How Long Does it Take to Get Drug Test Results?

At Fastest Labs of East Louisville, we pride ourselves on providing fast and accurate results, typically within a day or two.

The Fastest Options for Drug Testing in East Louisville

Our panels include:

  • 5-Panel Drug Test (cocaine, marijuana, amphetamine, opiates, and PCP)
  • 10-Panel Drug Test (5-Panel plus barbiturates, benzodiazepine, methamphetamine, ecstasy/MDMA and methadone)
  • 12-Panel Drug Test (10-Panel plus buprenorphine and oxycodone)

However, the list of testable drugs doesn’t end at 12; ask about more by calling (502) 717-1889 or by reading about them here.

We are also a drug testing company for employers. Finally, we are more than happy to help schools or sports leagues test for steroids, offering both scheduled and surprise tests.

If you’re ready to get testing, start by giving us a call at (502) 717-1889 to talk to one of us at Fastest Labs of East Louisville, or request an appointment here.

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