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Early Gender Detection Testing

Reliable, Accurate, & Fast Gender Detection Results

Is it a boy or a girl? This is the question that every pair of expecting parents want to know! Traditionally, the doctor will schedule an ultrasound around 18 to 21 weeks to determine the sex of the baby. The earliest parents find out on average is 14 weeks – until now.

Early Detection Gender Testing Powered by Peekaboo!

At Fastest Labs, we are proud to partner with Peekaboo! to provide early gender detection testing right in our labs. Joining our menu of other testing services, we are excited to offer this revolutionary early gender detection kit for expecting parents. Not only does the Peekaboo! early gender test detects the gender of your baby as early as 7 weeks of pregnancy, but it also does this with a 99.5% accuracy and a one-day turnaround time on your results when completed in lab.

Some benefits of Peekaboo early detection gender testing include:

  • Easy Sample Collection – A blood sample is collected to perform the test. It can be completed in mere minutes, far less time consuming than another ultrasound appointment. Revolutionary Process – With Peekaboo!, you can complete the test as early as 7 weeks of pregnancy. Compared to the traditional ultrasound gender detection completed at 18 – 22 weeks typically, this test gives your results up to 13 weeks earlier.
  • Faster Results – Peekaboo! can quickly deliver results to our lab within 24 hours of the test beginning at your Fastest Labs location.
  • Competitively Priced – Priced affordably for new parents, Peekaboo! offers some of the lowest prices on the market for early gender detection services.

Endorsed by The American Pregnancy Association (APA), a national health organization committed to promoting reproductive and pregnancy wellness through education, support, advocacy, and community awareness, Peekaboo! is an industry leader in providing parents with accurate early gender detection testing.

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