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Court Admissible DNA Testing in Louisville

Accredited DNA Testing Laboratory

If a judge has ordered a legal DNA test for your court case, or if you are attempting to resolve documentation or benefits of some kind, Fastest Labs of East Louisville has the solution. Our DNA testing is court admissible and our facilities are AABB Accredited.

Self-collection is generally not acceptable for legally required DNA testing. A collector must be a non-interested third party. That's where Fastest Labs of East Louisville comes in. We can collect your DNA and provide court admissible results.

For more information on our legal DNA testing in Louisville, call (502) 717-1889 or request an appointment today.

Reasons for Legal Testing

No matter what your specific purpose is, our testing team can provide you with results that will fulfill your court order or legal procedure.

Some common reasons for legal DNA testing include the following:

  • Inheritance Rights
  • Changing Name
  • Changing Birth Certificates
  • Changing Legal Documentation
  • Adoption
  • Social Security Benefits
  • Child Custody
  • Child Visitation
  • Child Support

Method for Testing: Basic Cheek Swab

The testing method that we normally use is a buccal swab, also known as a cheek swab. The overall process is fast, simple, and affordable.

  • Client Arrives for Appointment
  • Client Receives Assistance in 5 Minutes or Less
  • Brush Placed Inside Cheek
  • Squamous Epithelial Cells Are Collected
  • Cells and Their DNA Sent to be Tested

The entire process for the client lasts just a matter of minutes. The lab results are ready in just a matter of days.

Extremely Reliable & Court-Admissible DNA Results in Louisville

Our Louisville DNA collectors will not only have you in and out in a matter of minutes, they will get your DNA samples to the lab for testing within a short period of time. You can rest easy knowing that the DNA testing methods used are considered 99.9% reliable. This is why they are considered sufficient for resolving court-related processes and legal disputes.

To get started, Schedule Online or give us a call at (502) 717-1889.

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