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Paternity Testing Services

Testing for Legal & Personal Purposes

Courts often rely on DNA lab tests for establishing parentage because they are one of the most reliable and accurate methods available. Fastest Labs of Tempe offers fast, accurate, and budget-friendly testing for paternity in Tempe, AZ.

We know that the legal process can be complicated in matters like these. This is why we make our testing as simple and easy as possible for you. When you arrive, you can expect to talking with a representative within 5 minutes. The test itself is painless and quick, only taking a matter of minutes.

Situations Requiring Fatherhood Testing

There are a variety of reasons you may need a paternity test in Tempe. Some of the most common are included below.

  • Child Support: Tests are often needed when the court needs to determine whether someone is the biological father so they can fulfill their responsibility and duty to pay child support.
  • Child Custody: In cases where paternity is in doubt in relation to the true father, a test can help determine where custody belongs.
  • Inheritance Rights: Tests can establish who should receive an inheritance if there is uncertainty about the heirs involved.
  • Benefits: Paternity tests can be used to determine where life-insurance and social security benefits should be directed.
  • Immigration: Tests can help with the process of obtaining visas and receiving citizenship for family members.
  • Adoption: Testing can help determine who an adoptee's biological parents are.

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How Our Paternity Testing Process Works

The process is relatively simple. The individuals being tested will visit our facilities where a certified collector will meet them. The collector will take a buccal swab on the inside of the cheek of both subjects. The samples will then be analyzed for matching DNA sequences. Within the next few days, the results will be provided to relevant parties.

Who Can Request a DNA Paternity Test?

To bring paternity action in the form of a civil lawsuit, the parties involved must have a particular legal standing. The following parties are usually able to request court-admissible testing.

  • A father alleging to be the biological parent
  • The legal parents of the child
  • The child
  • A legal representative of the child
  • A social services worker
  • A prosecuting attorney

Although much more rare, we also offer maternity testing services for legal and personal needs.

Learn more about our Tempe DNA paternity testing by calling (480) 418-6156. You can also schedule an appointment online.

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