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Dependable and Rapid Local DNA Testing

When it comes to DNA testing, the reliability of your results is paramount. At Fastest Labs of South Columbus, we understand the significance of this concern. Our dedicated and professional team in South Columbus is committed to delivering certified, swift, and accurate results. We adhere to the highest standards in lab cleanliness, secure sample collection, and the most efficient and dependable DNA testing available in the industry.

Whether you require legally-admissible testing, paternity verification, or an exploration of your genealogy, Fastest Labs of South Columbus is your trusted partner for exceptional customer service and unparalleled DNA testing services. For over 15 years, Fastest Labs has been a leader in DNA testing - we prioritize your confidentiality in all our DNA testing services and offer competitive pricing.

Interested in learning more about our DNA testing services in South Columbus? Contact us by calling (614) 892-7298 or reach out online to learn more!

Our Comprehensive Range of DNA Tests

In today's diverse world, DNA testing serves a multitude of purposes. Whether you're looking to confirm a child's parentage, navigating immigration requirements for visas or passports, or simply delving into the intriguing stories within your personal ancestry, DNA testing remains the essential tool for achieving your objectives and unraveling the mysteries you seek to uncover.

At Fastest Labs of South Columbus, we take pride in offering the following DNA tests:

  • Paternity: A paternity test determines the biological relationship between a man and a child, confirming or excluding him as the father.

  • Immigration: Immigration DNA testing is used to establish a biological relationship between family members for visa or immigration purposes, helping prove familial connections for immigration applications.

  • Infidelity: Infidelity testing involves analyzing DNA samples to detect evidence of potential extramarital affairs, such as identifying the presence of a third party's DNA.

  • Twin Zygosity: Twin zygosity testing differentiates between identical (monozygotic) and fraternal (dizygotic) twins by comparing their genetic profiles to determine their level of genetic relatedness.

  • Genealogy/Ancestry: Genealogy or ancestry DNA testing provides information about one's genetic heritage, ethnic background, and potential familial connections based on genetic markers and regional ancestry data.

  • Maternity: Maternity testing establishes the biological mother-child relationship, verifying a woman's maternity or confirming any doubts about the mother-child bond.

  • Court-Admissible: Court-admissible DNA tests adhere to strict legal standards and are accepted as evidence in court proceedings, such as for child custody, inheritance, or legal disputes.

  • Genetic Reconstruction: Genetic reconstruction involves analyzing DNA samples from various family members to piece together genetic information for cases such as identifying unknown parents or solving genetic mysteries.

  • Adoption: Adoption DNA testing helps adopted individuals locate and connect with their biological relatives, helping them uncover their genetic heritage and ancestry.

  • Forensic Services: Forensic DNA testing is used in criminal investigations to analyze biological evidence collected from crime scenes, helping identify suspects and victims or providing DNA profiles for forensic databases.

  • DNA Banking: DNA banking involves storing a person's DNA for future use, preserving their genetic material for medical, research, or personal reasons.

  • DNA Profiling: DNA profiling, also known as DNA fingerprinting, identifies unique genetic markers to create a genetic profile used in criminal investigations, paternity testing, and identification purposes.

  • Lifestyle: Lifestyle DNA testing provides personalized insights into how one's genetics may influence health, nutrition, fitness, and other lifestyle-related factors, helping individuals make informed decisions about their well-being.

Most DNA tests are conducted through convenient cheek swabs, a non-invasive process that provides rapid, reliable results. At Fastest Labs of South Columbus, we recognize the critical importance of DNA test accuracy and ensure precision in every test we perform. Your privacy is always our top priority, and we handle all DNA tests discreetly and confidentially. No matter the reason for your need for a DNA test, you can rely on us for friendly service, secure sampling, and accurate results, all at competitive prices.

Contact us at (614) 892-7298 or reach out online for more information about our DNA testing services in South Columbus and to schedule your appointment. We offer same-day services for your convenience!

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