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On-Site / MoBile Drug Testing

Reliable Drug & Alcohol Testing Solutions for Your Business

Trying to find time to cut your guys loose for 3-4 hours for a drug test but can't afford to lose valuable time and productivity by sending your employees off-site? Or perhaps you are onboarding new hires and want the drug test done when they are there doing all the paperwork.

We get it. Our team of certified professionals offer convenient, reliable, and accurate mobile/on-site drug testing services.

Here's the Deal

  • You tell us where you need us and when to be there.
  • We provide professionally trained and certified drug testing collectors that will be on-site when and where you need us to be there.
  • Keep your current drug testing TPA. We work with most third-party administrators (TPA’s) and can simply work and bill our services through them and you simply schedule an on-site test with us and your drug testing program doesn’t have to change. You just get the added benefits of our professional collectors coming to you.

Lots of WINS with this option 😊

All options are built around your requirements

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Why use our Mobile Drug Testing Services?

Fastest Labs® recognizes that it can be inconvenient or even impossible to send employees to a testing facility, particularly for mission-critical people that can’t afford to leave the job site or office just for a drug test. To address this issue, we offer mobile, on-site testing services that provide the same high-quality, comfortable environment as our clinic location. By choosing our on-site testing option, you can enjoy the convenience of testing at your location, in addition to the benefits of using Fastest Labs, such as fast and reliable test results at an affordable price.

At Fastest Labs Pittsburgh, our mobile team is composed of certified professional collectors who are highly trained and provide a high level of professionalism and friendliness. With our mobile testing services, your employees can meet drug and alcohol testing standards from the convenience of your workplace. This way, you don't have to worry about your employees taking time off to travel to our testing facilities - we will come to you instead.

Our on-site testing solutions can be scheduled anywhere you need us, and we go on-site for any size group. One person or 300 people, we got you covered.

Benefits of Choosing Fastest Labs Pittsburgh for On-Site Testing

Here are additional benefits of our on-site testing services:

  • Certified professionals: Our staff is certified and highly trained to provide the highest-quality drug testing services.
  • Quick, accurate test results.
  • DOT-compliant testing services.
  • Minimal loss of productivity and reduced downtime with the drug testing happening at the job site or work location.
  • Reduce the probability of employee’s trying to cheat the test with unannounced testing on-site.
  • Our services prioritize cleanliness and prevent contamination.

A short list of whys to consider:


  • Employee time: They lose about the same amount of time away from the job as they would to stop for a bathroom break
  • Productivity savings: With minimal time lost for the drug test, a minimal loss of project time is realized and time off the employee’s tasks is minimized


  • How bad would it throw off the work schedule to have employees delayed for 2-4 hours as they drive to a clinic, typically waiting an hour or more to test, and then driving back?


  • Is your location in the middle of nowhere or in a difficult spot for employees to even think about leaving just for a drug test

Valuing your employee’s time

  • If you truly believe that your employees are your most valuable asset, bringing the drug testing to them vs. them having to waste their time to go out and take a mandatory drug test shows you care.

Call today at (412) 467-0907 or contact us online to get your business set up for on-site testing!

Why Us?

Hear From Our Customers

  • “I came for a DNA test, was treated wonderfully. Donna is just great and I got the results back in a couple days, very fast in deed. I will recommend Fastest Labs to anybody.”
    - Hellen
  • “I looked at using online websites for DNA testing such as but I chose Fastest Labs because of the local Pittsburgh location and the time they gave me on the phone to discuss every question I had. Thank you!”
    - Cindy

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