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Accurate Hair Drug Testing Labs

At Fastest Labs of North Fort Worth, we understand the importance of accuracy when it comes to drug testing. Our hair follicle drug testing services are conducted by experienced professionals in a controlled lab environment to ensure the highest level of accuracy. Whether for employment, legal, or private purposes, our testing methods adhere to strict protocols to provide reliable results.

Time is of the essence, especially when it comes to drug testing. We pride ourselves on providing the industry with the fastest hair drug testing turnaround. Our streamlined process ensures that you receive quickly, allowing you to make informed decisions.

If you require fast and accurate hair drug testing services in North Fort Worth, look no further than Fastest Labs of North Fort Worth.

Advantages of Hair Drug Testing

Whether you're an employer, parent, legal professional, or individual, there are compelling reasons to consider hair drug testing. This method is highly accurate and provides a comprehensive overview of drug use history.

The benefits of hair drug testing include:

  • Long detection window: Hair drug testing can detect a pattern of drug use over an extended period, providing a more thorough insight into an individual's drug history compared to other methods like urine testing, which typically detects drug use within the past few days.
  • Quick results: Hair drug testing results are usually available within a short timeframe, allowing for fast decision-making in various situations, such as pre-employment screening or legal proceedings.
  • Non-intrusive: Collecting a hair sample is a non-intrusive process that can be performed easily and quickly. Unlike urine or blood tests, which require invasive procedures, hair drug testing only requires a small sample of hair, usually taken from the scalp.
  • Reliable: Hair drug testing is difficult to cheat because the drugs become locked into the hair shaft as it grows. This makes it challenging for individuals to alter or manipulate the results, ensuring greater accuracy and reliability.
  • Accurate: Hair drug testing is one of the most accurate methods for detecting drug use. It has a low risk of false positives and provides a clear picture of an individual's drug history, making it a preferred choice for many employers and organizations.

Hair drug testing offers a swift, cost-effective, and reliable option for employers, attorneys, government agencies, and military divisions to screen for drug usage in current or prospective employees, clients, and individuals. Our 5, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, and 19-panel tests screen for a wide range of common and less-common illegal substances, and we can customize the test to include additional drugs based on your specific needs.

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