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Create a Drug-Free Workplace in 5 steps & save 7.5% on your workers compensation insurance premium.

1. Implement a substance abuse policy.

2. Notify Employees of the substance abuse policy:

3. Education for employees and supervisors:

  • Employees complete two hours of education the first year the program is implemented and one hour each subsequent year.
  • Supervisors complete an additional two hours of supervisor training the first year the program is implemented and one hour each subsequent year.
  • Link to a free training video. The first portion of the video serves the requirements for one hour of employee training. The second portion of the video (38-minute mark) serves the requirements for an hour of supervisor training.

4. Drug Screening:

  • The following tests for employees are required for certification in the Drugs Don't Work program: New Job Applicant, Reasonable Suspicion, Post Accident, Post Rehabilitation and Fitness for Duty (if applicable). Current employees are not required to complete a New Job Applicant test for their current position.
  • Contact Fastest Labs of Northeast Atlanta to request a service agreement. Once filled out and returned, you are ready to send employees in for testing. Feel free to call with any questions, 770-680-4438.

5. Apply for Certification:

  • Apply for the drug free certification. Please note: The state program requires that you give your employees a 60-day notice and complete 1/2 of the employee and supervisor training requirements before you apply for the Drugs Don't Work program certification.

We hope you found this information helpful. Please call or email if you have any questions.
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