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Fast, Accurate Results You Can Trust

At Fastest Labs of Hooksett, we are dedicated to providing exceptional drug testing services at competitive prices. Whether you’re an employer striving to maintain a drug-free workplace, a parent, a student, or an individual, you can count on us for swift and precise results. Many of our on-site tests deliver immediate outcomes in as little as five minutes.

Our facilities are the cleanest in the industry, and our certified collectors follow the highest standards of confidentiality and accuracy. We cater to all drug testing needs, from simple screenings to more complex cases. Additionally, we can collaborate with employers to develop custom drug testing policies tailored to your business requirements.

To learn more about our drug testing services, call (603) 803-6725 or contact us online today!

How Does Drug Testing Work?

Drug testing typically involves collecting a biological sample such as urine, saliva, hair, or blood. The sample is then analyzed in a laboratory to detect the presence of specific substances.

The process includes the following steps:

  1. Collection: A sample is collected under controlled conditions to ensure integrity.
  2. Screening: The sample undergoes an initial screening to identify any positive results.
  3. Confirmation: Positive results are confirmed through more specific and sensitive tests.
  4. Reporting: Results are reported to the concerned parties, maintaining confidentiality.

Choosing the Right Drug Test

At Fastest Labs of Hooksett, we offer various drug testing options, each with its advantages. The best test for you will depend on your needs. Our knowledgeable collectors are here to help address any questions and concerns you may have.

Types of Drug Tests We Offer:

  • Urine Testing: Provides instant results with 1-3 days for verification of positive results. This is the only approved method for federally mandated testing and is ideal for legal drug testing.
  • Hair Testing: Offers 1-3 day lab results and can detect drug usage over a 90-day period. This method is effective for identifying long-term drug use in employees.
  • Saliva Testing: Provides instant results with 1-3 days for positive result verification. This test can detect drug usage almost immediately after ingestion.
  • Fingernail Testing: Delivers 1-3 day lab results and can measure drug usage over an 8-month period. It serves as an effective alternative to hair testing, providing similar results.
  • Sweat/Skin Testing: Results are available 1-3 days after patch removal. This method is commonly used for monitoring drug usage during probation periods.
  • Specialty Testing: Ideal for identifying unknown substances, including heavy metals, toxins, and poisons.

No matter which service you choose, Fastest Labs of Hooksett guarantees accurate results. We prioritize rapid reporting and reliability, ensuring your results are trustworthy. Our strict procedures and protocols maintain the integrity of each test, and we aim to provide a spotless facility and fast, affordable drug testing services.

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For dependable drug testing services in Hooksett, NH, contact us at (603) 803-6725 or online today!

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