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Prenatal Paternity Testing Solutions

Non-Invasive, No-Risk Prenatal Paternity Tests

At Fastest Labs, we are proud to offer our clients prenatal paternity testing services that are fast, easy, and non-invasive. This test can help you determine the biological father before your baby’s birth. It delivers results with 99.9% accuracy!

Our non-invasive prenatal paternity tests involve a simple process, which entails:

  • Collecting a blood sample from the mother’s arm
  • Collecting buccal swab DNA sample from the father in question’s cheek

This test can be performed beginning in the 7th week of pregnancy. A vast improvement to the previously invasive prenatal testing options, it is entirely safe and risk-free – both to mothers and their unborn babies. We do not use a needle to draw embryonic fluid directly from the womb. Our methods carry zero risk of miscarriage, unlike rival prenatal paternity tests.

Our Lab Processes & Promises

Our entire lab is dedicated to delivering a smooth and stress-free customer experience. We’ve streamlined our protocol and testing regimen to provide a seamless, high-quality experience. You can expect your prenatal paternity test results as fast as 7 business days and no longer than 10 business days maximum. We can expedite your report and return it within 3 to 5 business days for an additional fee.

Before we begin, it’s wise to mention a few restrictions pertaining to our prenatal paternity tests:

  • A prenatal paternity test will not deliver accurate or definitive results if the potential fathers share overlapping biological lineage
  • A prenatal paternity test cannot be performed on women expecting twins, triplets, etc.
  • All prenatal tests must be taken after 7 weeks of pregnancy for reliable results

We are your one-stop destination when it comes to reliable paternity services and confidential results. We understand our patients have a wide range of equally-worthwhile reasons for seeking prenatal paternity testing. Whether you’re a victim of sexual abuse, fearful of passing along a genetic disorder, or stressed out about logistical and emotional uncertainties surrounding the father, we are here to help.

Fastest Labs Has Your Prenatal Paternity Testing Needs Covered

Our team firmly believes that clarity and knowledge of the paternal father can positively impact the health and success of a pregnancy. Depending on your needs, we can administer a Legal or Non-legal Prenatal Paternity test. Please note: Only the legal prenatal paternity test is court admissible. We can even test your baby’s gender for an additional fee.

Feel free to call our team anytime to schedule an appointment. Booking an appointment will help you reduce your wait time at our facility. We are also often available and ready to accommodate same-day and after-hour appointments, upon special request.

Need a prenatal paternity test? Call (210) 361-7778 to schedule your appointment today!

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