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DNA, Drug & Alcohol Testing in Katy, TX

Fastest Labs Energy Corridor & Katy is Rapid & Accurate

Businesses and individuals alike all trust Fastest Labs Energy Corridor & Katy to handle their drug, alcohol, and DNA testing needs. We handle every single test carefully and follow the utmost industry standards. You know that we will be quick, accurate, reliable, and, of course, fairly priced.

You can call (713) 348-9316 if you need our testing services for:

  • Company drug tests, scheduled or random
  • Drug or alcohol tests for teens, conducted for concerned parents
  • Performance enhancing drug tests for coaches and athletes
  • DNA or drug tests for legal cases, such as in family law or criminal courts.
  • DNA tests to shine light on your family heritage.

Dial (713) 348-9316 to arrange for drug, DNA, and alcohol testing in Katy today.

Nothing Easier Than Quick Test Results from FastestLabs®

When people think about getting a drug, alcohol, or DNA test, they tend to imagine some drawn-out process in a lab. You’ll be happy to learn that Fastest Labs Energy Corridor & Katy is anything but drawn-out and slow! We have refined our lab processes to be able to rapidly conduct our tests with pinpoint precision, while also customizing our services based on your individual needs. Get our accurate and secure drug and DNA test results from our courteous staff in Katy, Texas today to see the FastestLabs® difference for yourself.

Call (713) 348-9316 to arrange a testing service. Walk-ins for same-day service are welcome.

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