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Houston Drug Testing

Quick & Dependable Drug Testing Near You

When it comes to trustworthy, cost-effective, Houston drug testing services, Fastest Labs of Central Houston is hands down the best drug testing center in town. Offering sterilized facilities with state-of-the-art labs, licensed collectors, and a commitment to confidentiality at every stage of the process, we are amongst the very best in the industry. Affordability and excellent customer service are equally critical components of our business model. With a staff that is always attentive and available to help, and prices that are hard to beat, we’ve done everything to make your DNA and drug testing process feel as seamless and budget-friendly as possible.

One of the primary reasons local businesses and individuals continually turn to us for all their drug testing needs is our heightened attention to timeliness. We understand that neither employers nor employees enjoy when the hiring process stalls. Waiting on the lengthy results of a drug test to start a new job position can be financially damaging to both parties. At the same time, no employer wants to receive faulty results that may lead to blindly employing an addict or individual with a substance abuse problem. That is why we have honed the process to ensure that we can provide high-quality, accurate results with minimal wait times. We even have the capacity to cooperate directly with employers to design and administer a personalized drug-testing protocol that measures every area of their specified interest.

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Drug Testing Services for Every Need

At Fastest Labs of Central Houston, we flexibly provide a vast array of drug testing methods and services. There are tests that measure samples from urine, hair, perspiration, mucus, and cuticles. Each testing regimen is affiliated with a separate timeline and purpose. Therefore, in order to ensure you are getting the testing benefits and services that you specifically need, it is quite imperative to know the pros, cons, and intentions of each method:

  1. Urine Tests– This method is the most common and extensive. It can offer results on a vast number of drugs, including barbiturates, cocaine, amphetamines, marijuana, methadone, methamphetamines, and PCP. It is often preferred for legal instances where drug testing is court-ordered, given that it is the only approved recourse when attending to a federal mandate. Its results are nearly instantaneous, appearing within minutes. However, verification of positive results can take up to three days.
  2. Mucus Tests Positive results can also take up to three days. This method is often preferred because of how easy it is to collect saliva samples. However, there are limitations to the breadth of time during which drug usage might have occurred that this test measures. In most cases, it can merely detect drug usage in the very recent, if not direct, aftermath of ingestion. To detect drug abuse, chemical and hormonal evidence must still be lingering in the content of one’s mucus.
  3. Cuticle TestsTaking between one and three days for results, cuticle (or fingernail) tests are a somewhat less popular method. Nevertheless, this method does have the benefit of tracking and detecting drug use for the longest period of time, gauging drug use for a window of up to 8 months of time preceding the test.
  4. Perspiration TestsSweat-based drug tests are also rare, and usually involve patches that are administered to convicts and drug-addicts during probation periods to actively monitor drug use.
  5. Hair TestsHair follicle samples are optimal when seeking to track and detect long-term drug usage. Samples are easy to collect, and results usually arrive within one to three days and can uncover drug abuse that occurred up to three months before the test.

Let’s Not Forget DNA Tests

The testing services we offer are versatile and diverse. Beyond drug tests, we also have the capacity to test for alcohol abuse and for toxins and metals in the blood system. We also specialize in DNA tests, particularly paternity tests, which can identify direct progeny with 99.9% accuracy. In results that report no paternal link, the results are 100% accurate. Furthermore, we offer certified results and reports that allow them to be admitted in court. If this recourse is not essential, we also offer more affordable, non-legal paternity test services as well.

The Fastest Labs of Central Houston Way

Whatever drug or DNA test option you decide is right for you, fast and accurate service is a constant at Fastest Labs of Central Houston. With a consistent and well-established routine of procedures, our staff is well-prepared and trained to convert your DNA samples into clear, legible, and accurate reports. We understand that offering both speed and reliability is essential in our industry. That is why we have spent years refining our testing methods, streamlining the functionality and sanitation standards of our facilities, upgrading our technological equipment, and establishing a culture of professionalism and customer service that ensures efficient and accurate results are always our top priority.

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