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Fast & Reliable Paternity Testing Results

When you need to establish paternity for either personal or legal reasons, you need a DNA test that you can rely on. At Fastest Labs of Central Houston, our friendly and professional team of lab collectors will ensure that you are comfortable and that your privacy is respected. We offer legal paternity tests in Houston at affordable prices and our testing services are fully certified, with options for both court admissible results or non-legal DNA tests. Don’t trust this important test to anyone else.

For more information about our paternity and DNA testing, please call (713) 510-3832 or contact us online so that we can answer your questions.


To put it simply, a paternity test is a DNA test that is used to establish a child’s biological father. A sample is collected from both the suspected father and the child in question. This sample is then analyzed to determine if the two individuals are genetically related.

How can DNA tell us this? Human DNA is essentially a list of genes that are unique to each individual. Parents pass copies of these genes down to their children, which means that there are direct similarities between the DNA of parents and their biological children. If two individuals share a similar DNA sequence, they are genetically related.

A paternity test involves the following process:

  • Both individuals come to our facilities to take the test
  • One of our certified lab collectors will use a cotton swab to swipe the inside of both of the individuals’ cheeks in order to collect buccal cells
  • The samples from both individuals will be sent to our state-of-the-art lab to be analyzed for similar DNA sequences
  • Our results are delivered quickly to the relevant parties as soon as they are available, usually within 2-3 days

Paternity tests are a fast, non-invasive procedure. Our lab collectors are highly trained to ensure that you are completely comfortable during the quick swab and that the specimens are handled correctly and safely. All of your test results are held completely confidential, so you can trust that only the right people will see your test results. Because results may be used to meet legal guidelines, you can rest assured that testing is accurate.

Do I Need a Paternity Test?

There are many reasons you might need a DNA paternity test in Houston. These include:

  • Confirming the father of your child
  • Proving the right to child support or the right to custody or visitation
  • Claiming government or military benefits for the child in question
  • Proving the right to inheritance
  • Solving legal parenthood disputes
  • Other, personal reasons

We don’t ask any personal questions about your reasons for seeking a Houston paternity test. We operate under the utmost discretion and respect. You can rely on us for fast, accurate results at affordable rates.

In addition to paternity tests, we offer a broad range of other DNA tests, including tests for immigration, infidelity, ancestry, and more.

Call (713) 510-3832 or contact us online for more information about our Houston DNA testing services.

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