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Boston DOT Testing Services

Adhering to DOT & FMCSA Regulations

Ensuring compliance with the FMCSA is vital for businesses with employees operating commercial vehicles. To avoid fines, financial penalties, or a revocation of license to operate, businesses need to meet the standards laid out for drug and alcohol testing. At Fastest Labs Boston, we provide Boston DOT testing services that can help you meet FMCSA requirements.

For DOT Post-Accident Drug testing in Boston, schedule a service with Fastest Labs Boston!

Our collectors are BAT certified (Breath Alcohol Technician) and have become Certified Lifeloc Operator and Calibration Technicians (C-LOCT).

What Is DOT Testing?

DOT Testing is a drug test regulated by the Department of Transportation (DOT) to ensure that employees that drive and operate large commercial vehicles, or are designated as “safety-sensitive,” are not risking the safety of the public by working while under the influence.

Safety-sensitive positions include:

  • Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) holders who operate Commercial Motor Vehicles (CMVs)
  • Vehicles that carry 16 passengers or more
  • Vehicles that transport hazardous materials
  • Flight crews, including pilots, attendants, dispatchers, and security coordinators
  • U.S. Coast Guard crew members that operate commercial vessels
  • Federal Railroad Administration, engine and train workers, signal service workers, and dispatchers
  • And more

DOT Testing Services Near You

We provide a wide variety of DOT Testing services for Commercial Driver's License holders and their employers.

Random Testing

The FMCSA recommends random testing for drugs and alcohol as a way to deter the abuse of drugs and alcohol in the workplace. Each agency under the Department of Transportation has its own regulations for how often random tests must be implemented. Our team can provide a smooth testing experience to minimize disruption to workflow.

Post-Accident Testing

The Department of Transportation requires post-accident testing for a variety of circumstances involving a motor accident. Circumstances where DOT post accident drug testing is required in Boston include:

  • When towing is needed for a vehicle involved in the accident
  • When there is a moving violation cited
  • When medical treatment is required as a result of the accident
  • When the accident involves a fatality

The drug and alcohol testing must be conducted within a certain period of time after the accident to ensure accurate results.

Return to Duty Testing

We can provide return-to-duty drug and alcohol tests for employees who have formerly received positive test results or who have violated substance rules of some kind. After the individual has completed their education and treatment program, we can provide the RTD test so that they can return to work if they receive a negative result.

Follow-Up DOT Testing After Reinstatement

Based on the recommendations of the substance abuse professional, our team can help provide however many unannounced tests are required or recommended in the months subsequent to reinstatement. The follow-up testing period generally lasts from 12 months to 5 years.

For DOT Post-Accident Drug testing in Boston, call Fastest Labs Boston at (617) 855-1674 today.

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