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Frequently Asked Questions

DNA Testing FAQS

How are DNA tests done?

  • The inside of each cheek is swabbed twice to get a sample. Therefore, we use 4 swabs per person.

How accurate are the tests?

  • The results are very precise, as we only use certified DNA testing labs.

How long do the tests take to do?

  • Only a few minutes per person.

How long does it take to get DNA results back?

  • Usually 2-3 business days.

How do I get the results?

  • We'll give you a call when the results are ready.

Can you still do a DNA test if I'm unable to come to your office?

  • Yes, we can usually go out to your location.

I want to have my child and/or their father tested. What type of testing is available?

  • We offer legal and non-legal DNA testing. Legal testing holds up in a court of law, while non-legal does not. Non-legal testing is more for informational purposes.

Drug Testings FAQS

Do you offer individual drug testing services?

  • Yes, we offer rapid panel drug testing, DOT & Non-DOT testing, and many other types of drug testing.

Are the drug tests confidential?

  • Yes, the drug tests are confidential. For individuals paying for their own tests, we provide you with your results. If you are taking a drug test for work purposes, we release the results to the company.

How long does it take to get results back from the rapid test?

  • We should have your results within about 5 minutes.
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