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Hair Follicle Drug Testing in Solon, OH

Results You Can Trust

When it comes to reliable drug testing in Solon, OH, hair follicle testing stands out as a top choice. This method involves analyzing around 90-120 strands of hair, each about 1.5 inches long, directly taken from the scalp. Hair drug testing can accurately detect drug usage over the past 90 days. If body hair is provided instead, the detection window extends up to a year. Combined with urine tests, this method offers a comprehensive and reliable overview of drug use, making it perfect for employers with strict “zero tolerance” policies and legal matters.

At Fastest Labs Solon, we provide trustworthy and confidential hair drug testing services at the most competitive rates around. In most cases, you'll receive results within just 24 hours. Our friendly and professional certified collectors ensure you are comfortable throughout the process. We pride ourselves on offering a spotless facility and fast, affordable drug tests.

Request an appointment online or call us at at (440) 760-0040 to learn more about our hair in Solon, OH! We offer same-day drug testing services in our clean, comfortable facilities.

Why Choose Hair Drug Testing?

Whether you're an employer, parent, legal professional, or an individual in Delaware County, there are numerous reasons to opt for hair drug testing. This method is not only one of the most accurate but also one of the most extensive.

Benefits of Hair Drug Testing include:

  • Detection Window: Identify drug use over the last 90 days (or more).
  • Quick Results: Typically available within 1-2 days.
  • Non-Intrusive: Easy sample collection process.
  • Tamper-Proof: No reliable methods exist to cheat a hair drug test.
  • High Accuracy: One of the most precise testing methods available.

Hair drug testing is a fast, cost-effective, and reliable solution for employers, attorneys, government agencies, and military divisions to screen current or potential employees, clients, and other individuals. Our tests cover a wide range of substances with our 5, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, and 19-panel screenings and can be customized to include additional drugs based on your needs.

Call us at (440) 760-0040 or request an appointment online to explore all our drug testing options, including comprehensive hair drug testing in Solon, OH!

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