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DNA Testing Services At Fastest Labs Solon

Affordable, Quick, & Accurate Results

DO you want to find out more about your genetic background? DNA testing services are offered at Fastest Labs® Solon, a locally owned and operated testing lab backed by a nationwide franchise with an excellent reputation for speed and accuracy. We understand the importance of certified results that are fast and accurate, especially if the DNA testing is of a sensitive nature or for legal purposes. You can rely on our team for unparalleled DNA testing services, as we have the most efficient collection methods and certified testing results on the market today and we handle all clients with the utmost discretion.

Contact us online or call (440) 760-0040 for fast and reliable DNA testing services in Solon.

DNA Tests Offered At Fastest Labs Solon

We offer the following types of DNA testing services:

  • Paternity testing: Whether you choose this test for legal or personal reasons, this can confirm fatherhood for individuals, courts, or immigration services. This test is done using a reliable, noninvasive cheek swab.
  • Infidelity testing: We can confirm whether someone has been unfaithful through bodily fluid DNA samples on fabric and other items.
  • Genealogy testing: Now more than ever, people are curious about their heritage and ethnicity. A quick cheek swab is all it takes to unlock the history of your family’s background and we’ll turn the results around quickly.
  • Genetic reconstruction: A genetic reconstruction test is used as an alternative to DNA paternity testing and is often used when the alleged father of a child or children is deceased, unavailable or unwilling to be tested.
  • Lifestyle Testing: Healthy Weight and Healthy Skin testing are just two of our tests that use your DNA to tell us what foods and skincare routines are most effective for you. Your DNA can also tell you what things you are likely to be allergic, or have sensitivities to, with our Food and Pet Sensitivities.

Frequently asked questions

How are DNA tests administered?

Most DNA tests are conducted via cheek swabbing. This is a simple and non-invasive procedure that provides both fast and reliable results.

How long does it take to receive DNA testing results?

We understand just how important it is that you receive your accurate DNA test results as quickly as possible. When you schedule DNA testing with Fastest Labs Solon you can rely on fast results. We are fully committed to providing you with quick results. In most cases, test results are available within minutes after your sample is collected. Sometimes we will recommend further analysis which can typically take an additional 24-48 hours.

Who needs DNA testing?

DNA testing can be used for many reasons. It's not well known that various businesses and government entities use DNA testing. We regularly work with schools, non-profits, police bureaus, and government agencies.

Can you get a dna test while pregnant?

Yes! With advances in technology, it’s now possible to get a DNA test while pregnant. This type of testing can help determine the paternity of your unborn child or provide other important genetic information about them.

A prenatal paternity test uses non-invasive methods to collect samples from both the mother and father during pregnancy. Samples are typically collected via blood tests, urine tests, or cheek swabs taken from both parents at different times throughout the pregnancy. These samples will then be analyzed by a laboratory to determine whether there is any match between them — thereby confirming (or disproving) that one person could be considered as being biologically related to another individual through their shared genetics.

The results of this type of testing can be incredibly helpful in making decisions regarding parenting responsibilities before birth and providing peace of mind for expectant parents who may have questions about their baby’s biological identity prior to delivery day arrives.

Contact Fastest Labs Solon for DNA Testing Services

With our wide variety of DNA testing services and revolutionary technology, you can rely on our clinic to deliver results with speed and discretion. Contact us today or schedule your service online for DNA testing in Solon.

For more information about our accurate DNA testing services near you, call (440) 760-0040 or request an appointment with us online!

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