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DNA, Employee, & Paternity Testing Services in Seguin

Delivering Expedient & Accurate Results

At Fastest Labs of Seguin, we provide affordable, accurate, and timely drug testing services for individuals and companies in and around the community.

Following industry standards and practices for testing ensure you get precise results for almost any need. Our staff understands that you require confidence in the results and our ability to protect your privacy.

We’ve worked with various entities, including:

  • School districts
  • Government agencies
  • Corporations
  • Small businesses
  • Legislative sectors
  • Military

With so much experience under our belts, it’s no wonder customers and businesses in Seguin prefer us over other DNA testing companies. As a locally owned and operated business, we are backed by a brand with over 10 years of expertise, resulting in highly trained and compassionate sample collectors.

Want to know more? Contact our Seguin Drug and DNA testing experts at (830) 356-2469.

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Comprehensive Drug Testing Services & Sanitary Facilities

When you’re looking for affordable drug or DNA testing at a well-respected local provider, you can rely on Fastest Labs for comprehensive solutions that get you the answers you require.

Our testing services include:

  • DNA testing
  • DOT testing
  • Athletic testing
  • Employee testing
  • Paternity testing
  • Drug testing

With so many testing options, we must ensure our facilities are sanitary so that there’s no risk of contamination or inaccuracy.

You can utilize our services for court-admissible paternity testing results or personal DNA answers when you need them. You can always expect reliability, confidentiality, friendliness, and promptness from our entire team.

For reliable testing services near you, contact our team today! You can also call us at (830) 356-2469.

What is a Paternity Test?

A paternity test is a DNA test that can be used to determine who is the biological father of a child. At Fastest Labs of Seguin, paternity tests are performed using a sample of the two individuals' DNA, which can be obtained from a buccal swab (a swab of the inside of the cheek).

The child's DNA is then compared to the DNA of the alleged father to see if there is a match. Paternity tests are very accurate, and if the DNA profiles match, it is highly likely that the two individuals are related.

How Early Can You Do a Paternity Test?

With non-invasive prenatal paternity testing (NIPP), expectant parents can feel confident about confirming paternity before the baby is born. It can be conducted as soon as 7 or 8 weeks after pregnancy, providing an accurate and safe way to confirm paternity before the baby is born.

Compared to older methods like amniocentesis that involve taking fluid from around the baby and present a risk of miscarriage, NIPP is both reliable and non-invasive for both mother and the baby.

How Does NIPP Work?

We start by collecting a blood sample from the mother and a cheek swab sample from the alleged father. The specimens are then sent to the lab, where the baby's DNA profile is separated from the mother's.

The baby's DNA profile is then compared to the potential father's to establish whether or not he's the biological father. If paternity is ruled out, the results will return with a 0% probability.

Call (830) 356-2469 or contact us online for more information about our testing services.

Types of Drug Tests We Offer in Seguin

Fastest Labs of Seguin drug testing services offer Seguin residents a secure and reliable drug testing solution. With highly trained and certified technicians, you can trust that our drug testing methods are the most accurate and up-to-date in the industry.

Our testing Methods include:

  • Fingernail Tests – Cuticle analysis can reveal the extensive history of a person’s drug or alcohol use, with cuticle samples being able to provide such evidence up to an astonishing 8 months before testing.
  • Hair Tests – With a single tiny hair follicle, we now have the ability to uncover an individual's secret history of illicit substances in mere days - providing rapid insights into their behavior and lifestyle.
  • Mucus Tests Saliva-based drug tests offer a convenient and accurate way to test for substance use without any hassle. They are easy on the wallet, too - providing fast results in just minutes!
  • Sweat Tests – Forging a new path to better rehabilitation and wellbeing, perspiration tests provide an innovative solution for monitoring individuals in situations such as drug recovery programs, parole requirements, or other scenarios where close supervision is needed. Using this simple but effective method of detection – placing a patch on the subject's skin - it is now possible to monitor their bloodstream continually without invasive practices.
  • Urine Tests – With the strict rules in place from both DOT and federal courts, drug testing is a necessity to ensure safety. The urine-based method of screening can provide concrete results for several substances: marijuana, amphetamines, cocaine, heroin and more! While it's not an instant process - scientifically verified findings take up to three days - these tests are incredibly effective in revealing any unlawful narcotics present.

Our drug tests offer quick results with no sacrifice to accuracy, giving you peace of mind when it comes to drug testing needs. We make sure that your drug testing experience is both stress-free as well as discreet. Fastest Labs of Seguin provides an unparalleled standard for drug testing services in Seguin so contact us today!

Looking for reliable drug testing services in Seguin? Contact us online or call (830) 356-2469 today!

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