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Reliable & Quick DNA Test Results Near You

When you hear “DNA testing,” what comes to mind? The first thought that usually comes to mind is a talk-show host reading off sealed results. Usually notifying someone they are (or are not) the father. DNA testing with Fastest Labs of Reston is more respectful, confidential, and much less dramatic. Our qualified team of sample collectors are highly trained professionals. We are here to provide reliable, accurate, & fast results for individuals or companies. Fastest Labs of Reston offers the most private DNA tests near you.

We can perform reliable DNA Testing testing when you need results regarding:

  • Immigration – For individuals considered temporary residents attempting to gain permanent citizenship. They require testing to determine a relative who can sponsor a Visa.
  • Genealogy/Ancestry DNA Testing – For people interested in learning where their family originated. Genetic testing at our Reston location can offer your dependable results.
  • Genetic reconstruction – Our sample collectors can perform testing. This testing gathers DNA from a secondary source. This is helpful when you don’t have an available or living person to extract a primary DNA sample.
  • Adoption testing – After adoption, many records are sealed to protect the identity of birth parents. When adopted children are in search of their biological families. Fastest Labs of Reston is here to help.
  • Forensic services – Used during legal proceedings. Law enforcement may need our help identifying or ruling potential suspects with DNA.
  • DNA banking – Preserving genetic material via DNA banking. This has become a way for people to leave traces behind for future generations. This genetic material is collected and housed in secure storage until it’s needed.
  • Lifestyle testing – Our lifestyle testing is a form of genetic testing that can be performed in the comfort of home. This helps uncover genetic secrets that can aid in weight loss, food, and more.
  • Early gender detection – Anxious parents can find out the gender of an unborn child. This is so they can start preparing for their new arrival.

With these various testing services, we offer non-invasive sample collection. These usually requires a simple cheek swab. We make your experience in our location completely comfortable and confidential. We’re also diligent about keeping our facilities clean and sanitary, so there’s little chance of contamination or inaccuracy.

Who Needs DNA Testing?

DNA testing is used for a variety of reasons. Many people don’t know various businesses and government entities use this specific type of testing.

We work with the following sectors:

  • Schools
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Police bureaus
  • Government agencies

Are you in need of DNA testing? Our experienced collectors treat your situation with the utmost respect and care.

For more information about our accurate sample collection or testing services in Reston, call (703) 783-7581 or request an appointment online.

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