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Paternity Testing Services in Reston

Private and Accurate DNA Testing Results Near You

Deciding to pursue paternity testing is an entirely personal one that requires a lot of thought and the help of a professional testing facility. Our team at Fastest Labs of Reston, offers rapid and confidential testing for residents in and around Reston. With our testing service, you get certified, court-admissible results or the less expensive non-legal DNA tests. Regardless of why you need testing, we can provide accurate answers to give you peace of mind.

To ensure your results are entirely correct, we keep our facilities sanitized and clean. Contamination is unlikely to occur because we conduct frequent daily cleanings and make sure tests aren’t tampered with. Our qualified sample collectors are highly trained and go above and beyond to protect your privacy.

Request an appointment today or call (703) 783-7581 to discover more about our testing services.

Why Would I Need Paternity DNA Testing?

Contrary to popular belief (or what reality TV shows us), paternity DNA testing isn’t solely used to find out “who’s the father.”

Often, individuals seek testing for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Social Security benefits – Social Security and life insurance payouts typically go to immediate living family members. However, if documentation isn’t clear about familial ties, DNA testing can be ordered to determine benefit eligibility.
  • Child custody – Custody cases are one of the primary reasons individuals request a paternity test. Determining paternity can grant biological parents rights to visitation and other custodial benefits.
  • Child support – Testing can hold parents accountable for financial support to maintain a child’s lifestyle and well-being. Some fathers will request paternity testing to avoid paying child support if it’s determined that they are not the biological parent.
  • Inheritance – When a loved one dies, the estate has to be settled. To do this, testing must be performed to locate legal heirs. This can be helpful when estranged family members claim rights to an inheritance.
  • Citizen eligibility – During immigration cases, testing can help find family members willing to sponsor a person before becoming a full-fledged American citizen.

Why We’re Preferred for Testing Services

Accuracy and precision are significant aspects of our services that we are incredibly proud of. And while you can find various paternity testing near you, Fastest Labs offers several benefits that you may not find anywhere else.

Customers prefer our testing solutions because:

  • You can get your results within 2-3 business days and, sometimes, instantly.
  • You work with certified lab technicians and sample collectors.
  • You won’t have to wait long in our facility for testing or the results.
  • You get competitively priced testing solutions.

Call (703) 783-7581 for more information about our comprehensive paternity testing in Reston.

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