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Paternity Testing in North Fresno, CA

Rapid Results You Can Rely On

At Fastest Labs of North Fresno, we utilize DNA-based paternity tests, often regarded as the most reliable method to verify biological fatherhood. Our services are quick, accurate and affordable, catering to all your private and legal needs. More than just delivering your North Fresno paternity test results, we assure their precision and safeguard your privacy.

We offer both legal paternity tests approved by courts and cost-effective Non-Legal DNA tests for personal use. Our clientele includes individuals, legal entities, and immigration services as we provide both personal and legal paternity test solutions. We prioritize swift and proficient service delivery along with reliable results, regardless of your requirements.

To learn more about our paternity testing services in North Fresno, call us at (559) 608-4813 or contact us online.

What is a Paternity Test?

A paternity test is a DNA examination conducted to validate a child's biological father, comparing the DNA samples from the supposed father and the child for any genetic correlation. Since unique genetic markers are transferred from parents to their offspring, paternity tests are highly accurate. The core of paternity testing lies in the comparison of DNA patterns between two individuals to validate a kinship.

How Does the Process Work?

The paternity testing procedure is simple and non-invasive, usually completed in a few minutes, with results typically available within 2-3 days. Here's a brief overview of the process:

  • The involved parties visit our hygienic and comfortable facilities.

  • A certified collector obtains a buccal swab from each person's cheek.

  • The lab processes these samples, examining repeating DNA sequences.

  • Upon completion, the results are promptly conveyed to the concerned individuals.

At Fastest Labs of North Fresno, we preserve the integrity of your samples and the confidentiality of your paternity test results. We strictly follow industry standards and protocols to assure absolute accuracy in our results. Our paternity tests align with legal standards, making them suitable for court-required tests in child custody battles or other legal issues.

When to Schedule a Paternity DNA Test

There are several situations when a paternity test might be needed. The most frequently cited reasons for pursuing paternity tests in North Fresno include:

To confirm paternity

To establish entitlement to child support

To verify rights to custody or visitation

To claim public or military benefits for the child

To establish inheritance rights

In case of legal paternity disputes

For personal reasons

Regardless of your reasons for requiring a paternity test, Fastest Labs of North Fresno guarantees fast, accurate results at competitive rates. In addition to paternity testing, we provide a plethora of DNA testing services, such as maternity testing, immigration testing, infidelity testing, ancestry testing, and more.

Give us a call at (559) 608-4813 or reach out online to learn more about our North Fresno paternity testing services.

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