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Genealogy DNA Testing

Discover Your Ancestry with Fastest Labs®!

Ever wondered where your grandfather's family originated? Interested in learning more about your mother's heritage? Ancestry DNA testing can help you discover more about your own personal past, including your ethnicity, current family relations, ancestors, and more. Not only is this incredibly fascinating, it can also be useful in regards to understanding certain genetic qualities, medical conditions, and more.

If you're interested in learning more about your ancestry, a genealogy DNA test with Fastest Labs® is the place to start. We can help you verify your ancestry, determine your ethnicity, and learn more about your genetic past. We take great care to provide you with the fastest, most accurate DNA testing services currently available, all at the best prices on the market. We can help you trace your lineage on your maternal side, your paternal side, or both, in order to help you get a clear picture of your ancestry.

Streamlined Services. Accurate Results.

At Fastest Labs, we are committed to upholding the strictest standards for sample collection, isolation, and accuracy. Whether you wish to know more about your genealogy for personal reasons, are working to obtain a scholarship or grant, or are curious about genetic conditions in your family, our certified collectors make the process quick and easy.

How does genealogy DNA testing work?

  • Our certified professional collection agents obtain a DNA sample via a buccal (cheek) swab
  • Your sample is sent for testing and analysis in our clean, state-of-the-art lab facilities
  • Results time vary but are typically available within a matter of days or weeks
  • As soon as your certified accurate results are available, they are sent to you

Ancestry DNA testing can be used to map your ethnicity, provide insights into the part of the world where your family originated, determine your ancestors or validate family research. No matter the reason you wish to have a genealogy test performed, you can rely on us for fast, accurate results, every time.

Preserving the Past for the Future

At Fastest Labs, we also offer DNA banking services for those individuals who wish to preserve their genetic material for future generations. This can be incredibly useful for your future descendants who may wish to trace their own ancestry back to you and beyond.

Whatever DNA testing service you choose, you can trust Fastest Labs for efficient sample collection, complete confidentiality, and fast, accurate results. We offer some of the most affordable rates in the industry, making us the easy go-to choice for your ancestry and genealogy DNA testing needs.

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