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Fast and Reliable DNA Testing in Chandler

Confidential, Comprehensive, Quick DNA Testing Near You

The results of your DNA test can have far-reaching implications that can be used to determine the outcome of court cases, or even give you a deeper, more intimate understanding of what makes you who you are. You can use your test results to make important lifestyle choices like the right balance of diet, exercise, and medication for optimal health given your genetic makeup. Your DNA test results can give you easier access to adoption, or even a family-based immigration visa.

DNA testing isn't something you need to have done on a regular basis, but when you do, it's crucial that the results are accurate and that you get them as soon as possible. Our DNA testing services at Fastest Labs in Chandler will give you both reliable test results and fast delivery. We offer a variety of individual DNA testing services in Chandler.

Our professional and courteous DNA testing lab technicians use safe, non-invasive methods with confidential and fast results. Our DNA testing specialists are both knowledgeable about state and federal testing requirements and good at what they do. They will treat the sensitive information contained in your Chandler DNA test results with courtesy and respect, because you are deserving of nothing less.

For accurate and reliable DNA testing with quick results, call Fastest Labs of Chandler at (480) 666-8829 or schedule an appointment online.

Courteous and Professional DNA Testing Experts Who Care About You

Whether you need legally-admissable test results you can submit in a court in Arizona, or if you’re just genuinely curious about your family history and personal genetic makeup, our DNA testing clinic offers DNA testing in Chandler and Gilbert for what you need. When you come in for your appointment, we’ll consult with you to find the most appropriate testing method for what you’re looking for, with some of the most fair and competitive prices for DNA testing on the market.

Having a DNA test done puts you in a vulnerable position and the results are highly intimate and private. At Fastest Labs, we keep this in mind by putting your interests and security first, with simple DNA testing procedures like cheek-swabbing and state-of-the-art testing equipment that gives you proof-positive results you can depend on.

DNA Testing Services - FAQ

How Does DNA Testing Work?

DNA testing uses sophisticated technology to provide individuals and organizations with information on things such as ancestry, genealogy, paternity, and health. Sample collection requires a few simple steps - typically, the individual will be required to provide a cheek swab or a saliva sample, which is then analyzed in a lab.

The next step is gene sequencing; this is where a laboratory needs to “read” the DNA code. After that, stringent quality control and validation protocols are put into place to make sure results are as accurate as possible before being released for interpretation.

Lastly, specific analysis of certain genes within an individual's DNA allows for an understanding of behavioral traits, ancestral backgrounds and inherited risks associated with particular illnesses. In short, DNA testing may seem complex but is actually quite simple when broken down into its key components.

Need DNA testing done in Chandler, AZ? Give us a call at (480) 666-8829 or contact us online today.

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