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Drug Testing in Baytown

What is Individual Drug Testing & What Type of Drug Tests Do We Provide?

Businesses, schools, and even some government agencies are now implementing individual drug tests as a way to ensure employees or students remain drug-free. Individual drug testing is when parents, schools, employers or other organizations require their employees or members to submit samples of bodily fluids (such as urine) for analysis by a laboratory that specializes in detecting drugs and alcohol.

We offer the following types of drug tests:

  • Urine – Instant results with 1-3 days for verification of positive result. This is the only approved method for federally mandated testing and is best for legal drug testing.
  • Hair1-3 day lab results and can measure up to 90 days of drug usage. This is an effective way to detect long-term drug usage in employees.
  • Saliva – Instant results with 1-3 days for positive result verification. This test can detect drug usage immediately after they have been ingested.
  • Fingernail1-3 day lab results and can measure up to 8 months of drug usage. This is an effective alternative and produces similar results as a hair test.
  • Sweat/Skin1-3 day lab results following patch removal. This is a common method for monitoring drug usage during probation.
  • Specialty TestingThis is an ideal method to test for unknown substances, including heavy metals, toxins, and/or poisons.

The results of these tests can then be used to determine whether an individual has been using illegal drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, opioids like heroin and fentanyl, MDMA/ecstasy/molly, or prescription medications without authorization from a doctor. If the test comes back positive for any of these substances it could lead to disciplinary action including suspension from work or school depending on the organization's policy regarding substance use violations.

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Professional Drug Testing Near Me

Fastest Labs Houston Ship Channel has proudly offered top-quality drug testing at an affordable price for more than a decade. Our Baytown drug testing facilities help parents, students, employers, and individuals attain fast, accurate test results. In fact, some of our testing offer immediate results in as little as five minutes. Our facilities are professionally cleaned to maintain a sterile environment for accurate test results. We also only hire certified collectors to ensure they adhere to the strict standards and guidelines in terms of confidentiality and accuracy.

Looking for a random drug testing resource? Give us call at (713) 766-0787 or request an appointment online today!

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