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Specialty Testing With Fastest Labs of Glendale

Fastest Labs of Glendale is partnering with Paladina International to provide worldwide, full panel forensic toxicity testing to unveil all hidden toxins and poisons created by accidental, intentional, and environmental exposures, including from adverse reactions to vaccine shots and other types of medical shots.

Of urgent, special interest is collecting test results for anyone who has received one or more Covid-19 shots, including all booster shots. Fastest Labs of Glendale will provide forensic, court-admissible tests to those suffering no symptoms or currently have mild to severe health issues after one or more COVID shot injections. Because nanotechnology has been used in COVID shots and many current vaccine shots, only full forensic style testing can reveal hidden toxins that nanobots can mask from view in regular doctor and hospital testing. The presence of identical symptoms to heavy metal and chemical poisoning in many who have suffered adverse reactions indicates the presence of toxicity.

A doctor's prescription is not required to take a toxicity test at Fastest Labs of Glendale. If you have health insurance, check with your carrier if they cover toxicology testing, if you wish to submit for reimbursement through your doctor's office. Most insurance carriers do not cover toxicology testing. Paladina International has negotiated with Fastest Labs of Glendale to keep the pricing as low as possible, and as more people get tested, there will be periodic reviews on lowering pricing further. See below for the special toxicity tests and descriptions.

Special toxicity tests are provided using full forensic modalities to bypass nano tech (Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS)) are listed here. One or more tests can be done at the same time. No need to fast. Please note that if you chemically treat your head hair, then groin, back, or underarm hair is also acceptable for testing.

  • Comprehensive Heavy Metal Panel (Urine and Hair)
  • Unknown Chemical Analysis (Urine and Hair)
  • Food (Allergy) Sensitive Test (Cheek Swabs)

Any questions, contact Fastest Labs of Glendale at 1-877-857-9238.

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