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DNA Testing Services in Englewood

Fast, Expert DNA Testing Near You

At Fastest Labs of Englewood, we understand that reliability is crucial when it comes to DNA testing. Our friendly and professional staff are committed to providing you with certified accurate results in a timely manner. Our labs are maintained to the highest standards, and we use secure sample collecting methods to ensure the most efficient and dependable DNA testing available in the industry.

We offer a variety of DNA testing services, including legally-admissible testing, paternity tests, and genealogy research. Our top priority is always to provide outstanding customer service while keeping your privacy and confidentiality in mind. We work with you to determine the best testing method for your specific needs, and we are dedicated to offering the most affordable pricing possible for all of our testing services.

Why Get a DNA Test?

Considering DNA testing but unsure of the benefits? Here are some reasons why DNA testing can be valuable:

  • Discovering Ancestral Roots: DNA testing can provide insights into your ancestry and help you uncover your family's history.
  • Identifying Genetic Health Risks: Certain DNA tests can identify genetic markers associated with various health conditions, allowing you to take proactive steps toward prevention and early detection.
  • Establishing Paternity: DNA testing can definitively determine the biological relationship between a child and a potential father.
  • Supporting Adoption and Family Reunions: DNA testing can help adoptees and individuals searching for biological family members to connect with their relatives.
  • Understanding Personal Traits: DNA tests can provide information about physical traits, such as eye color, hair texture, or susceptibility to certain allergies.

At Fastest Labs of Englewood, we offer various DNA testing services to cater to your needs. Our team ensures accurate and confidential results, providing peace of mind. Contact us today to learn more about how DNA testing can benefit you.

Need our DNA testing services in Englewood? Contact us online or call (303) 532-1783 to request an appointment.

Types of DNA Tests We Offer

DNA testing can serve a wide range of purposes. It can be used to establish the paternity or maternity of a child, meet the immigration requirements for obtaining a visa or passport, or satisfy your curiosity about your personal ancestry. Whatever your reasons may be, DNA testing can provide the answers you need to achieve your goals.

At Fastest Labs, we are proud to offer the following DNA tests:

  • Paternity
  • Immigration
  • Infidelity
  • Twin zygosity
  • Genealogy/ancestry
  • Maternity
  • Court admissible
  • Genetic reconstruction
  • Adoption
  • Forensic services
  • DNA banking
  • DNA profiling
  • Lifestyle

Cheek swabbing is a common and non-invasive method used to conduct most DNA tests. This simple procedure provides fast and dependable results. At Fastest Labs of Englewood, we recognize the significance of the DNA test results and prioritize accuracy with every test we conduct. We handle all DNA tests with complete discretion and confidentiality to ensure your privacy is protected. Regardless of your reasons for wanting a DNA test, you can trust us to provide friendly service, secure sampling, and reliable results—all at the most competitive prices available in the market!

Contact us at (303) 532-1783 to schedule your DNA testing appointment in Englewood, or alternatively request an appointment online.

Frequently Asked Questions

How accurate are DNA tests?

DNA testing is highly accurate, with a minimal margin of error. We adhere to strict quality control standards to ensure reliable and precise results

Is DNA testing invasive?

The level of invasiveness depends on the type of DNA test. Some tests, like cheek swabs or saliva samples, are non-invasive and painless. However, certain medical procedures may require blood draws or tissue samples.

Why choose Fastest Labs?

We strive to go above and beyond for our clients, offering a personal touch to every one of our outstanding drug, alcohol, and DNA testing services. We promise the cleanest labs, the best customer service, short wait times, instant test results whenever possible, and affordable prices.

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