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Paternity Testing in Omaha, NE

Legal, Reliable, and Affordable Lab Testing

Fastest Labs of East Omaha continues to offer the residents of Omaha and surrounding areas accurate, reliable, and affordable paternity testing. A paternity test is designed to help provide scientific evidence that a man is a specific child’s biological father.

For a test this important, you should only trust a clean and reliable lab that provides quick and easy service! All in all, your visit will only take a few minutes and you will receive your lab results in only a couple of days!

Looking for paternity lab testing in Omaha, NE? Request a lab appointment today online or give us a call at (402) 316-5914!

Reasons to Choose Our Paternity Testing Lab

We want to offer you a clean, safe, and affordable solution for your paternity testing needs. Our labs feature expert collectors who are fully certified and trained to provide you with superior services. Additionally, our labs are routinely and constantly cleaned and house state-of-the art equipment. Our labs are designed to handle all of your DNA testing needs, regardless of the specifics.

Here are some reasons why we continue to be chosen over our competitors:

  • Attention to Detail – Our commitment to accurate results involves careful attention to our daily operations. From cleaning and sanitation methods to securing the chain of custody, we do everything in our power to ensure we’re providing completely accurate results.
  • Clean and Sanitary Clinic – We pride ourselves on offering a clean, sanitary, and comfortable environment.
  • We’re Called Fast for a Reason –Our testing services are so fast that we ensure we see every patient within five minutes of check-in. We will also provide you with your results only 2-3 days after the test.
  • Affordable – Professional, expert lab testing doesn’t have to cost a fortune. We are happy to provide you with solutions that fit your budget while providing you with superior services!

We continue to perform hundreds of tests a day and to look to other ways to serve you and our entire East Omaha community. Our commitment to excellence has helped us become one of the most trusted, professional, and friendly labs in Omaha!

Paternity Test Results Available as Fast as 2 to 3 Days

Paternity Testing FAQs

How Do You Take a Paternity Test?

During your visit both participants must be present. Luckily, the paternity test can be completed with a simple cheek swab. DNA in saliva is just as reliable as the DNA in blood. Once we have the DNA from both parties, we will send our samples off to our advanced lab. It’s that easy!

How Long Does it Take to Get Paternity Test Results?

You’ll have your results in 2-3 days after your initial visit. We told you we were FAST, didn’t we? These results can always be tested by another source to ensure accuracy.

Are Paternity Tests 100% Accurate?

DNA tests are considered the most accurate testing method available. Paternity tests, specifically, can designate whether someone is the father with about 99.9% accuracy, or not the father with 100% accuracy.

Common Reasons for DNA Paternity Testing

Here are some reasons why you may need to request a paternity test:

  • Child Custody/Support – A legal relationship must be defined before any kind of child support or custody arrangement can be agreed upon by the court. Having a test can help assist in any of these cases.
  • Family Tree – In some cases, a person may conduct a DNA test to confirm their relationships in order to understand their roots.
  • Immigration – There are many instances in which tests may be conducted to establish or prove American citizenship.

You are not required to have a reason to perform a test. But regardless of the reason for the test, our paternity tests are court admissible.

Are you ready to schedule a paternity test in Omaha? Request a lab appointment today online or give us a call at (402) 316-5914!

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