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Fast and Accurate Alcohol Testing in Columbus, GA

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Need a reliable alcohol test in Columbus, GA? Look no further than Fastest Labs! With over 10 years of experience, we're known for providing fast, accurate, and affordable alcohol testing services.

Types of Alcohol Testing Services We Offer

We offer a comprehensive range of alcohol testing options to meet your specific needs. Here's a closer look at each type of test:

  • Breath Alcohol Testing (Breathalyzer): This is the most common and non-invasive test, providing immediate results that detect current blood alcohol concentration (BAC). It's ideal for pre-employment screening, post-accident testing, or situations where recent alcohol consumption is in question.
  • EtG Hair Alcohol Testing: This test detects past alcohol use for up to 3 months. Hair analysis offers a longer detection window than other options. It can be helpful in identifying chronic or repeated alcohol consumption patterns.
  • Saliva Alcohol Testing: This quick and easy test provides results within 12-24 hours after alcohol consumption. It's a reliable option for detecting recent alcohol use.
  • Fingernail Alcohol Testing: Similar to hair testing, fingernail analysis can reveal past alcohol consumption for several months. This test is a good choice when hair testing may not be feasible.
  • EtG/EtS Urine Alcohol Testing: This test detects recent to moderate-term alcohol use (up to several weeks) and offers a reliable and accurate picture. It's a good option for court-ordered testing or when a more comprehensive picture is needed.

We can help you choose the right test! Our knowledgeable staff at Fastest Labs of Columbus, GA will discuss your specific needs and recommend the most appropriate alcohol testing option.

We can also help with:

  • Court-admissible testing
  • DOT-certified alcohol testing
  • Post-accident and personal alcohol testing
  • Workplace drug and alcohol policy development
  • Athletic and military testing

Why Choose Fastest Labs of Columbus, GA?

  • Certified Results You Can Trust: Our certified collectors and technicians use state-of-the-art methods to ensure the accuracy of your test.
  • Quick Results: Get results in most cases, often the same day!
  • Convenient & Comfortable: Same-day appointments available. Our clean facilities and friendly staff prioritize your comfort.
  • A Range of Testing Options: We offer various alcohol tests to suit your needs, including breathalyzers, hair testing, and urine tests.
  • Expert Guidance: Our knowledgeable staff can help you choose the right test and create a workplace alcohol policy.
  • Competitive Prices: We offer some of the most competitive rates in Columbus, GA.

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Call Fastest Labs of Columbus, GA today at (706) 525-5959 or contact us online. We're here to help!

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  • “Es maravilloso el buen tratamiento q nos ofrecen”
    - Marlon Gonzalez
  • “One of the fastest I've ever seen. Very friendly, courteous and kind. I would definitely use again.”
    - Valerie Newton
  • “I have used them several times now and this will always be my go-to for tests. They have the best customer service and great personalities. I enjoy going in and always leave laughing. I never wait long and they are very professional about running the test to the highest standards.”
    - R R

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