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Drug Testing in Columbus, GA

Types of Drug Tests We Offer

You’re consistently tasked with finding trustworthy employees as a hiring manager, but how do you gauge this characteristic before they start work? One way to assess dependability among potential employees is to offer accurate, affordable, and fast drug testing services.

Many people assume that drug testing means needles and blood drawings, however, our drug testing services are designed to be non-invasive and still deliver certified results to the intended recipient:

  • Urine
  • Hair
  • Saliva
  • Nail
  • Sweat/Skin

Our sample collectors are highly trained and certified to perform various drug tests for different situations. We prioritize your privacy and show you the utmost respect during your appointment. We’re also patient, knowing that this may be the first time you’ve ever had to be drug tested for any reason.

We take the time to explain the process, make you feel comfortable, and answer your questions before you leave. Call us at (706) 525-5959 or request your appointment online today.

Reasons for Drug Testing

Fastest Labs of Columbus, GA has reliable offerings that can be administered for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Parole or probation violations,
  • Human resource needs,
  • Sober living check-ins,
  • Concerned parents,
  • Government entities,
  • Athletic programs,
  • Law enforcement, and
  • More.

Count on us for a dependable drug testing facility in Columbus, GA. Request your appointment online or call us at (706) 525-5959.

Clean & Fast Drug Testing Near Me

Finding a dependable drug testing company in Columbus, GA, can be stressful if you’re unsure what to look for. You can trust our testing solutions because we ensure your results are accurate and care about your needs. Whether you’re getting drug testing as a pre-employment requirement or to play a college sport, you can trust our team to help.

We’re the preferred testing professionals because:

  • We’re reliable. We hire only top-quality and certified professionals who take their jobs seriously and understand that accurate, unaltered results are vital.
  • We’re respectful. We greet you professionally and make your appointment comfortable, as we know that this can be a nerve-wracking experience.
  • We’re affordable. We make our testing services cost-efficient so that you can get the answers you require promptly.
  • We’re clean. We keep our facilities disinfected and perform cleaning tasks several times a day to eliminate the chances of test contamination.

You can rest assured that your Fastest Labs results are also court-admissible. Regardless of your specific need, we can deliver results as soon as the next business day. We are dedicated to providing fast, precise, and convenient drug testing for the Columbus, GA, community. Our company offers a lot of services including urine drug testing near you.

For more information about our drug testing services or to schedule your appointment, call (706) 525-5959.

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