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Check us out on Latitude Learning. Article Titled: "FastestLabs provides pre-training resources to new franchisees to help ease into program."

Running a business is no easy task, but there’s one certain factor employers should consider if they’re wishing to build a successful team that’s efficient and reliable: drug and alcohol testing. Many employers ask their staff to submit to these types of tests, but waiting for results is often cumbersome for companies who need in-office assistance quickly. FastestLabs based in San Antonio, Texas, is one such franchise that offers quality and accurate testing for employers, with test results available within five minutes. Most traditional medical clinics have employers wait 45 minutes to an hour for results. This testing service is growing at a rapid rate, with almost 20 locations already up and running in the United States. With the company’s impressive testing turnaround and high-quality customer service, it’s clear that their operations around the country will grow exponentially in the coming years. But, it should be noted that most of their success is contingent upon their high-quality training program.