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Creating An Employer Drug Testing Program

Do you need help creating an employer drug screening program? A proper drug testing program requires a proper mix of many testing steps and cooperating policies. The experts at Fastest Labs are uniquely qualified and equipped to help employers design comprehensive alcohol and drug testing policies and programs that perfectly fit their needs.

Employer Drug Policy Creation

A proper drug testing program must take into account federal and state laws, regulations, employer liability, specific personnel and physical workplace concerns and the needs of the employer.

Employer Policy Implementation

Once a comprehensive drug testing policy is created, Fastest Labs professionals will provide full-service drug testing. Equipped with state of the art mobile testing equipment and laboratory testing facilities, Fastest Labs testing professionals are able to fully carry out any employer drug testing program.

Employer Drug Testing Program Management

As new laws and regulations are created, drug testing policies require change and improvements. Fastest Labs professionals will help employers stay up to date, amend policies and adjust drug testing programs to always be as efficient and legally sound as possible.

With the knowledge and skill to create a well balanced, comprehensive employer drug testing program, our professionals can take the pressure off of employers and design a customized program to suite the needs of your company. Call your local Fastest Labs professionals today to discuss employee drug testing program designs today!