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Benefits Of Random Drug & Alcohol Workplace Policies

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Random drug and alcohol testing are an essential aspect of effective workplace testing policies. Random testing will safeguard employers from potential legal HR issues while protecting employees against workplace discrimination with truly confidential and unbiased testing.

Deter Drug and Alcohol Use

Randomized testing will help deter drug and alcohol use in the workplace as opposed to scheduled testing. If your workplace has a set testing schedule, employees that may be using substances, will be able to flush their system in time for the test. If employees are aware that at any time they could be tested, they will be more likely to comply with the workplace policies.

Unbiased Drug and Alcohol Testing

Random testing will ensure that employees are not being unfairly targeted based on race, gender, disabilities or socio-economic standing. Name generation software is ideal for truly randomized testing and a small company should consider joining a consortium to create a larger, more diverse pool to choose from.

While drug testing in some vocations is not required by law, there are federal laws in place to ensure that fair and unbiased testing is conducted by employers who opt to do so. Other professions, such as DOT employment, does require mandatory federal drug testingRandom drug and alcohol employee testing will ensure that employers are in compliance with federal, and often State, laws.

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