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Reliable Paternity Testing Services

Paternity tests utilizing DNA are some of the most reliable methods for confirming paternal lineage. At Fastest Labs of Bensalem, we deliver fast and accurate results for both personal and legal needs, all while keeping your costs manageable. We understand the profound importance of your Bensalem paternity test results and go the extra mile to ensure their accuracy and confidentiality.

We offer court-approved paternity tests as well as a cost-effective Non-Legal DNA test for personal use, which is not intended for legal situations. At Fastest Labs of Bensalem, customer privacy and confidentiality are among our top priorities. We cater to individuals, courts, and immigration services, providing both personal and legal paternity testing services. Regardless of the nature of your requirements, our commitment remains the same: to offer efficient, professional service and reliable results.

To learn more about our paternity testing services in Bensalem, call us at (215) 515-0678 or schedule your paternity test today.

Understanding Paternity Tests

A paternity test is a type of DNA test aimed at confirming the biological father of a child. Paternity testing plays a crucial role in various aspects of life, from personal curiosity to legal matters. Fastest Labs of Bensalem offers reliable solutions for all situations requiring a court-admissible paternity test. Our DNA paternity tests ensure credibility and reliability, providing peace of mind in every scenario.

Common Situations Prompting Paternity Testing:

  • Personal Reasons: Many seek clarity on parentage to resolve uncertainty or reconnect with long-lost biological parents.
  • Custody Disputes: Paternity tests provide crucial evidence in custody battles, establishing biological parenthood beyond doubt.
  • Child Support Matters: In legal matters concerning child support, paternity confirmation is essential before enforcing obligations.

At Fastest Labs of Bensalem, trust our dedication to upholding the highest standards of accuracy, reliability, and confidentiality in paternity testing. Whether seeking personal reassurance regarding familial relationships or navigating legal proceedings, our court-admissible DNA tests offer a comprehensive path to clarity and resolution for your peace of mind. 

Contact us today at (215) 515-0678 or online to schedule your paternity test with Fastest Labs of Bensalem. Take the first step toward clarity and peace of mind in your journey.

Our Paternity Testing Process

The paternity testing process is simple and non-intrusive, taking only a few minutes. Results are typically available within 2-3 days. Here's a snapshot of the procedure:

Both individuals being tested visit our clean, comfortable facilities.

A certified collector collects a buccal swab from the cheek of each person.

The lab processes these samples, analyzing repeating DNA sequences.

Once completed, the results are promptly shared with the concerned parties.

At Fastest Labs of Bensalem, we ensure the integrity of your samples and the confidentiality of your paternity test results. We strictly follow industry standards and procedures to ensure absolute accuracy in our results. Our paternity tests comply with legal standards, making them ideal for court-ordered testing in custody disputes or other legal proceedings.

When to Schedule a Paternity DNA Test

There are many reasons to consider a paternity test. Common reasons for undertaking paternity tests in Bensalem include:

  • Establishing paternity
  • Asserting rights to child support
  • Proving rights to custody or visitation
  • Claiming government or military benefits for the child
  • Asserting inheritance rights
  • Legal paternity disputes
  • Personal motivations

Regardless of why you need a paternity test, Fastest Labs of Bensalem guarantees quick, accurate results at competitive prices. In addition to paternity testing, we offer a broad range of DNA testing services, including maternity testing, immigration testing, infidelity testing, ancestry testing, and more.

Give us a call at (215) 515-0678 or reach out online to learn more about our Bensalem paternity testing services.

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