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Hair Drug Testing in Asheville

Reliable Hair Drug Testing for Accurate Results

At Fastest Labs of Asheville, we provide trusted hair drug testing services in Asheville, NC, offering accurate and comprehensive results you can rely on. Our method involves analyzing a hair sample of approximately 90-120 strands, about 1.5 inches in length, directly from the test subject's scalp. This process ensures precise detection of drug usage within the past 90 days, making it an invaluable tool for various scenarios.

Benefits of Hair Drug Testing

Hair drug testing offers several advantages that set it apart as a preferred method for employers, legal professionals, parents, and individuals seeking accurate drug testing. Some of the benefits include:

  1. Extended Detection Window: Detect drug use within the past 90 days, providing a broader picture of an individual's drug history.

  2. Rapid Results: Receive your results typically within 1-2 days, ensuring swift decision-making for your specific needs.

  3. Non-Intrusive Collection: The sample collection process is non-intrusive, making it comfortable for the test subject.

  4. Cheating Prevention: Hair drug testing is difficult to cheat, ensuring the integrity of the results.

  5. High Accuracy: Among the most accurate testing methods available, offering reliable insights for informed decision-making.

Our Comprehensive Hair Drug Testing Options

As a trusted resource in the realm of drug testing, our services cater to diverse scenarios, ensuring a thorough and reliable approach to screening and monitoring for various stakeholders. Our hair drug testing services offer a robust framework to meet your unique requirements.

Our hair drug testing services cover a range of needs, including:

  • Employment Screening: Tailored for employers implementing "zero tolerance" policies, our hair drug tests provide a reliable screening tool for both current and prospective employees, ensuring a substance-free workplace.

  • Legal and Judicial Matters: Trusted by attorneys and legal professionals, our services offer accurate drug usage information crucial for building compelling cases, supporting legal arguments, and ensuring justice prevails.

  • Parental Concerns: Prioritize the well-being of your children through our hair drug testing services, enabling parents to vigilantly monitor and address potential substance abuse issues with confidence.

At Fastest Labs of Asheville, we understand the diverse requirements for accurate drug testing. Whether for employment screening, legal matters, or parental concerns, our hair drug testing services stand as a reliable solution for obtaining precise information and promoting a safer, healthier environment.

Contact us by calling (828) 330-9304 or reach out online to schedule our specialized hair drug testing services.

Your Trustworthy Partner for Hair Drug Testing in Asheville

Ready to make informed decisions based on accurate drug testing? Contact Fastest Labs of Asheville at (385) 284-0325 or reach out to us online to learn more about our hair drug testing services. We provide same-day testing at our clean and comfortable facilities in Asheville, NC, ensuring you receive trustworthy results when you need them!

Trust in our quick and confidential hair drug testing services! Call (828) 330-9304 or request an appointment today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the detection window for hair drug testing?

The detection window for our hair drug testing services is approximately 90 days, providing insights into an individual's drug usage history within this timeframe.

Can body hair be used for testing?

Yes, we can use body hair for testing. In fact, if body hair is provided, our test can detect drug use within the past year, making it an even more comprehensive option.

How accurate is hair drug testing?

Hair drug testing is highly accurate, making it one of the most reliable methods available for detecting drug usage. Its extended detection window enhances its effectiveness.

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