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Alcohol Testing in Asheville

At Fastest Labs of Asheville, we understand that situations may arise where individual alcohol testing is necessary. Whether court-ordered, for pre-employment screening, or personal verification, we offer a confidential, convenient, and accurate solution to meet your needs.

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Fast & Reliable Results

Rapid Testing Available: Receive your results within minutes of your test with our on-site breathalyzer technology.

Accurate Analysis: Our state-of-the-art breathalyzers provide reliable and precise blood alcohol concentration (BAC) readings.

Certified Professionals: Our testing is administered by certified professionals, ensuring the accuracy and integrity of the process.

Discretion & Confidentiality You Can Trust

We prioritize your privacy throughout the entire testing experience:

Discreet Testing Environment: Our clean and professional facilities provide a comfortable setting for your test.

HIPAA Compliant: We strictly adhere to HIPAA regulations, guaranteeing your personal information and test results remain completely confidential.

Respectful Staff: Our friendly and knowledgeable team is here to guide you through the process with discretion and answer any questions you may have.

Testing Options Tailored to Your Needs

We offer various alcohol testing options to suit your specific requirements:

Breath Alcohol Testing (BAT): This is the most common and rapid form of alcohol testing, providing instant BAC results.

EtG (Ethyl Glucuronide) Testing: This option detects the presence of alcohol byproducts in the urine, useful for identifying recent alcohol consumption.

Unwavering Convenience

Walk-in Appointments Welcome: Skip appointments with our convenient walk-in clinic for individual alcohol testing.

Streamlined Process: Our efficient process minimizes waiting times, ensuring a quick and hassle-free experience.

Taking Control Through Clarity

Whether court-ordered, pre-employment, or for personal verification, individual alcohol testing can be a necessary step. Fastest Labs of Asheville empowers you with clear and reliable results, allowing you to navigate your situation with confidence.

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Have questions about our individual alcohol testing services? Don't hesitate to contact our friendly staff. We're happy to discuss your needs and recommend the most suitable testing option.

Why Us?

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  • “Clean facilities, professional employees, and great customer service. Would definitely recommend!”
    - Aaron J.
  • “Super fast and really clean. The staff was very friendly and helpful.”
    - Kay M.
  • “Great experience. Friendly people and extremely fast. Great pricing.”
    - Frank H.

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