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Paternity Testing in Alpharetta

Fast Results for Legal Paternity Tests

Fastest Labs of Alpharetta provides paternity DNA testing that respects your privacy and offers fast turn-around time. When you visit our clean and inviting collection site, you can expect to be seen within 5 minutes of walking through the door.

Extremely Reliable Results

Our DNA testing methods are considered reliable enough to use for court orders and will provide information that is 99.9% accurate. You can feel confident that your results are accurate and confidential when you visit our paternity testing lab.

Our Process

The overall process is extremely efficient. After you arrive, someone will will be ready to assist you within 5 minutes. The collection process is quick. For the buccal swab method, a collector will simply use a swab to capture some of the cells on the inside of your mouth. It is painless and takes just a few moments. After the test is collected, it is sent to the lab where the sample is analyzed. Results are usually available in just a day or two.

For results in a matter of days, call (770) 637-3026 or request an appointment online.

Budget-Friendly Paternity Testing in Alpharetta

Don't break the bank by going to less reputable DNA collectors. Our laboratory is AABB accredited and highly-regarded in the community for our fast and friendly services.

Individuals That Commonly Request Paternity Testing in Alpharetta

In order for a court to respond to a request involving paternity, the parties mush have legal standing. Some common parties that commonly request testing include:

  • Prosecuting attorneys
  • Social services workers
  • Legal representatives of a child
  • Legal parents
  • The child
  • Fathers alleging to be the biological parent

What Are Common Situations Involving DNA Paternity Tests?

There are many different common situations involving testing. Some of them involve court orders to settle disputes. Sometimes, individuals pursue testing for personal reasons as well.

  • Adoption: For individuals who believe they may have found their biological parents.
  • Immigration: Testing is sometimes part of the immigrant visa application process.
  • Child Custody: A court may require paternity testing to determine whether to grant custody and visitation rights.
  • Child Support: DNA paternity testing may be court ordered to determine if a father should be providing child support.
  • Inheritance Rights & Benefits: For individuals claiming rights to an estate, testing can be part of resolving a dispute.

Learn more about our paternity testing services in Alpharetta by calling (770) 637-3026 today!

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